Eurovision 2019

#ESC2019 BIG 5: Highs and Lows of the First Rehearsal

Each year the fans are wondering how the BIG 5 will do? Who’s going to be on the right side of the voting board and who will triumph?

Today took place the first rehearsal for the automatically qualified acts and we’ll have a look on what worked and what didn’t.

We won’t talk about Israel here, (but we will mention that he had a powerful performance) because we want to keep it only to the same old 5.

FRANCE: Before the rehearsal, mean voices didn’t give him much credit. But he proved all wrong. I believe he will sail away from that dreadful last place and do quite well. Liked the concept of his performance, with the atypical ballerina and the deaf dancer – proving that you have to believe in your own strength.

SPAIN: I was expecting a fun, high-energy performance. But I’ve whiteness a forced choreography with uncomfortable moves. Why fix it if ain’t broken? And who’s idea was to bring a giant inflatable puppet? I love love love the song, but not this staging. I’m sorry Spain! I’ll LISTEN to your song.

ITALY: Like last year, we have again an English translation of the lyrics, but only of the ones that matter the most. I’m not sure if we witnessed a winner, but it was definitely an engaging performance (whether you love to clap or not). My only observation would be to fill the floor projections with something meaningful, not with geometrical shapes. You’re missing an opportunity there! Italy should easily finish on the left side of the scoreboard.

UNITED KINGDOM: I like how Michael started his performance in a cloud of smoke and his vocals were good, but the last part with the backing singers in a circle got me a little bit confused and I don’t think it was necessary for several seconds to see the back of the singers. (Turn them around and film their faces?) All in all though not a bad start, but not a show stopper either.

GERMANY: I actually like the song, but the performance is not believable. There is no chemistry between the singers and no matter how many cute picture you put in the background, I’m still not buying it.

In conclusion: Well done France and Italy!

Needs more work: Spain, United Kingdom

Needs more work plus: Germany

Author: Bogdan-Stefan Fedeles

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Ok, so here’s my thoughts after seeing the rehearsal clips of the Big 5:
    France: Wow ! I wasn’t expecting France to come up with a performance like that . They really have got the staging in a way that conveys the message of the song about acceptance and being who you are and who you want to be . Bilal does have quite a big social media following too, which could work in his favour. Could this be the year that France get back into the top 5 ? I wouldn’t bet against it.
    Italy : I was slightly underwhelmed with both staging and vocals though I don’t think we have seen the true Mahmood yet though .
    UK : It was better than I thought it would be ,if we make the left hand side of the scoreboard that would be some feat in comparison to recent years.
    Germany : I really don’t get this performance at all . One of the candidates for last place, I think
    Spain: I am so disappointed that they didn’t bring the party atmosphere of the video to the stage. Looks like they’ve borrowed Molodova’s props from last year and it all looks a bit messy ! I had such high hopes for them after the sickly sweet entry last year but fear they may end up near the bottom of the score board again 😦

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