Eurovision 2019

#TelAvivJournal: Days 1 & 2

Following on from my series of daily #RichardReflects articles in Lisbon and my #MinskJournal throughout my time at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, I return to Tel Aviv with the #TelAvivJournal!!!

Day 1 for me was all about travelling. I finally arrived at our apartment at 4pm local time, so missed yesterday’s rehearsals. So today, Day 2 was my first full day in the Press Centre bubble – or should that be the mad house after what we have witnessed?

After watching the highlight clips from after yesterday’s rehearsals, it is quite clear that the majority of semi final one qualifiers will have come from today. Iceland and Portugal were just bizarre and anyone with a weak disposition will want to avoid these (that’s a polite warning!).

Georgia added some needed drama to the proceedings. Anyone who is accustomed to Game Of Thrones and the phrase Winter Is Coming will not be disappointed by this staging. Before I arrived in Tel Aviv, I wasn’t a fan of the Georgian entry, however my opinion has completely changed.

San Marino! Serhat is back, with what is undoubtedly this year’s guilty pleasure. Everyone in the Press Centre were glued to the closest screens to them – something we have yet to see here in Tel Aviv. Serhat is here to deliver and deliver he does – well he definitely delivers sanity back to the proceedings!

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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