Eurovision 2018

#ESC2019 Semi-Final 1: 10 Qualifiers – Predictions of a Sofaholic


Hey friends!

You might wonder why a “Sofaholic”? Well, I’m arriving in Tel-Aviv only later this week. But like a true fan (not only a blogger), I’ve been eating and breathing Eurovision for the past two days. That means I’ve been watching live streams, Instagram videos, YouTube reactions and live blogs to keep me informed. In my opinion, the 10 qualifiers* after the first rehearsal are:

  • Iceland – what a performance!
  • Greece – powerful voice and presence, yet delicate like a blossom!
  • Cyprus – professional (yes reminds us of last year, but it’s good)
  • Georgia – didn’t like them at first, but apparently they are the ones this year to bring back GOT feeling on the stage
  • Australia – gotta love zero Gravity for what it is: a crazy operatic galactical show!
  • Serbia – could be believable if she would connect more and we could see more of the visuals on the floor
  • Czechia – hate that awful yellow jumper, but I jump and dance to the beat!
  • Estonia – safe and sound. Yes, a safe song to have a safe qualification.
  • Slovenia – You are my universe and I want this tiny world to see it!
  • Poland/Portugal* – I can’t decide between a folk-ish song (with televote support) and a futuristic idea (with televote support). The jury and the public will tell.

Do you agree with my top? If not, what are your 10 qualifiers? Let me know in the comments section below!

Author: Bogdan-Stefan Fedeles

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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Categories: Eurovision 2018

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