Eurovision 2019

#BETTING ODDS 2019 – We have all the songs, but who jumped up 11 places?

It’s been exactly a week now since all the songs for Eurovision 2019 were released. You’ve made your Top 10s and have your favourites, but now the dust has settled and everyone has had a chance to hear everything – what are the bookies thinking?

We deliberately waited to check the betting odds until a week later so everything has calmed down and we have a clearer idea of what the experts over at are thinking of it all – so what’s been happening in the Top 10? Which long time favourite has finally slipped from their pedestal?

The Netherlands have risen 4 places since we last looked, dethroning long time 1st place holders Russia. Sweden are down one to 3rd, while Switzerland have jumped into 4th and pushed Italy down. Norway, Belgium, France and Armenia are all out of the Top 10, making room for Portugal, Greece and Malta. It’s worth noting though that these changes have been in the lower Top 10 and with the exception of Switzerland, most of the countries in the top part of the table have been there the last couple of weeks give or take a place.

Down at the other end of the scale, as there been much movement now we know all the songs?

There’s been a fair bit of change down here, albeit it mostly with the same countries. North Macedonia have moved out of the bottom from 34th and soared to 18th, while Belarus have taken their place. Georgia have fallen from the top of the Bottom 10 right to the bottom of the table, while Lithuania has held in at 33rd. The majority of other countries have only shifted a place or two.

So now it’s time to have a look at all 41 countries odds and how these have changed (or not!) since we last looked. Does your personal scoreboard look like this?

1st – The Netherlands (new entry)

2nd – Russia (new entry)

3rd – Sweden (new entry)

4th – Switzerland (new entry)

5th – Italy (down 1)

6th – Cyprus (new entry)

7th – Iceland (down 1)

8th – Malta (new entry)

9th – Greece (new entry)

10th – Portugal (up 1)

11th – Norway (down 4)

12th – France (down 3)

13th – Slovenia (up 7)

14th – Armenia (new entry)

15th – Azerbaijan (new entry)

16th – Belgium (down 6)

17th – Denmark (down 4)

18th – North Macedonia (new entry)

19th – Estonia (up 11)

20th – Spain (down 5)

21st – United Kingdom (up 2)

22nd – Ireland (new entry)

23rd – Czechia (up 2)

24th – Germany (up 7)

25th – Australia (down 4)

26th – Israel (new entry)

27th – Finland (down 5)

28th – Austria (new entry)

29th – Romania (down 3)

30th – Hungary (down 1)

31st – Poland (new entry)

32nd – Croatia (up 3)

33rd – Lithuania (no change)

34th – Belarus (new entry)

35th – Albania (up 4)

36th – Moldova (up 4)

37th – Serbia (new entry)

38th – Montenegro (down 1)

39th – San Marino (new entry)

40th – Latvia (down 2)

41st – Georgia (new entry)

With a lot of new entries since we last looked, it’s unsurprising there’s been so much movement – only Lithuania hasn’t changed in their odds! The biggest jump up is Estonia, climbing 11 places while the biggest tumble is Belgium, falling 6 places.

You’d be forgiven for thinking these odds are going to remain quite static now – but as we hear more live performances, get more details of staging and rehearsals start happening, all this could change! Remember, Portugal didn’t top the betting odds in 2017 until the night before they won!

Author: James Scanlan
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