Eurovision 2019

#BETTING ODDS 2019 – How are things looking at the Half Way Point?

It’s been another really busy weekend for Eurovision fans everywhere with no less than 7 national finals this week (including Serbia and Georgia tonight!) and over half of the songs heading to Tel Aviv have been released. So what has this done to the betting odds?

It’s been a while since we last checked, but has there been much movement? As always, we’ll start by looking at the Top 10. Who do the bookies think are on track to win the contest outright?

Since our last look, the Top 3 has remained unchanged with Russia, Sweden and Italy in the top spots. Australia, Romania, Finland and Ukraine are all out of the Top 10 (Ukraine are out of the contest fullstop!) and Iceland have rocketed from 27th last time into 6th. The Netherlands are still hanging on in there ahead of next week’s song release, being pushed down one spot to make room for Cyprus. Armenia have also just sneaked into the Top 10 as have France.

Down at the other end of the table, we find these 10 countries:

In some respects, there’s been very little movement here in terms of countries entering the Bottom 10. Serbia and Lithuania are down, while Hungary and Slovenia have moved out. San Marino currently find themselves at last in the betting odds, closely followed by Moldova after the results of last night’s O Melodie Pentru Europa. Interesting, both countries with their national finals tonight are in the Bottom 10 – can the results in Belgrade and Tbilisi later today change the bookies’ minds?

So with 23 countries ready for Tel Aviv , their odds are as follows, along with how they’ve changed since our last look. Does your Top 23 look something like this? Maybe you’re on to something 😉

3rd – Italy (no change)

6th – Iceland (new entry)

7th – Norway (new entry)

8th – Belgium (new entry)

9th – France (up 2)

11th – Portugal (new entry)

13th – Denmark (new entry)

15th – Spain (up 10)

20th – Slovenia (new entry)

21st – Australia (down 17)

22nd – Finland (new entry)

23rd – United Kingdom (up 8)

25th – Czechia (up 3)

26th – Romania (new entry)

29th – Hungary (new entry)

30th – Estonia (new entry)

31st – Germany (new entry)

33rd – Lithuania (new entry)

35th – Croatia (new entry)

37th – Montenegro (up 1)

38th – Latvia (new entry)

39th – Albania (up 3)

40th – Moldova (new entry)

Curiously, with the exception of Australia, all songs whose odds we reported on last time have moved up the table – in Spain’s case, by 10 places! Even at the bottom end of the table, Albania and Montenegro have moved up to make room for more recent additions for Tel Aviv.

We’re still only half way there – what will the coming weeks do to these odds? Are your favourites fairing as well as you’d hoped?

Author: James Scanlan
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