Eurovision 2019

#UKRAINE – Freedom Jazz refuse ticket to Tel Aviv

Recently we reported on how despite winning Vidbir 2019, Maruv would not be going to Tel Aviv as neither she nor the broadcaster could agree on the terms of her Eurovision contract.

Today, Vidbir’s runners up Freedom Jazz have announced that Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC approached them to represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2019, which was to be expected. What was perhaps less expected, was Freedom Jazz’s refusal of the offer!

The band posted the following on Instagram – English under the Ukrainian version!

Але тільки що ми отримали дзвінок з НТКУ і хочемо повідомити, що відмовляємось від участі на Євробаченні-2019.
Наразі, наш «Cupidon» 💘 летить далі.
Зараз ми на стадії підписання контракту з европейським промоутером і ведемо перемовини про концертні тури на найближчий час.
Чекаємо вас на наших концертах! 💋
Всім любові! ❤️

Which translates as…

But just that we received a call from the NTCU and we want to announce that we refuse to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest-2019.
For now, our “Cupidon” 💘 flies further.
Now we are at the stage of signing a contract with a European promoter and we are negotiating concert tours for the near future.
We are waiting for you at our concerts! 💋
All love! ❤️

So Freedom Jazz won’t be going to Tel Aviv – which still begs the question, who will sing for Ukraine at Eurovision?

Author: James Scanlan
Source: ESCXtra
Image Source: UA:PBC

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