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#EST: Eesti Laul Semi Final 2 – #JoinUs from 18:00 CET (& 20:30 CET for the Results)

This is the second semi final of Eesti Laul and the second set of twelve songs vying for Estonia’s spot at the Eurovision Song Contest this year in Tel-Aviv – you know the drill, join me, Richard from 18:00CET by regularly refreshing the page!

Refresh from 18:00 CET

Good Evening Europe and Good Morning Australia! Richard here once again for more fun from Tartu. The live show has yet to start as we have some behind the scenes interviews currently been show.

We are live in Tartu! Here are our hosts for the evening – Ott and Piret. They are explaining the evening’s events.

Suitsu ei see are been conducted by Ott in some sort of opening act. It has a steel-drum feel about it.

Tonight’s twelve acts are now been introduced to us. The voting numbers are also been run through.

Synne Valtri – “I’ll Do It My Way”

Synne is in a long peach dress with glittery gold elements. “I’ll Do It My Way” is a fun, feel-good entry. While not ultimate pop, it’d fill the dance floor at any disco. A power ballad that would certainly sit well in a Melodifestivalen selection deserves to qualify for Tallinn tonight.

Characters – “Two Minuses”

“”Two Minuses” is quite hard to describe. The sound is part contemporary and part country & western ish. Sadly the song doesn’t really get going. Even the band are all wearing different outfits! For me, some major work is needed if they make Tallinn.

Snow color ft. INGA – “Which Day”

Now INGA has diva written all over her. Dressed in what only can be described as an interesting white outfit, she has brought an electro-pop, club floor filler to Tartu. She isn’t wowing the audience much – not a good sign. Personally I think she is trying that little bit too hard.

Sissi – “Strong”

Sissi reminds me of the UK X-Factor’s Fleur East in appearance. Joined on stage with three backing singers and two backing dancers, Sissi is delivering a well rehearsed and confident performance in “Strong”. She also heads into and interacts with the audience, which they love. Perfect for Tallinn and maybe even Tel Aviv.

Fun fact – Sissi is the daughter of Dave Benton, one half of the winning Estonian duo back in Copenhagen, 2001.

Cätlin Mägi & Jaan Pehk – “Parmum Game”

Catlin and Jaan are providing an interesting and surreal three minutes of song here. The backing singers are singing more here instead of the duo. As I said interesting – very twangy.

Kadiah – “Believe”

Oh, this is very Sanna Nielsen – I’m loving this, a bit of a “Empty Room” sound about it. Kadiah is dressed in a full peachy-pink ballgown. This is a mobile phone torch moment. Kadiah is joined on the stage by three backing singers and a cellist. This performance is simple, yet perfect and should be in Tallinn, in the Final.

Kaia Tamm – “Wo sind die Katzen?”

I’m not sure this is meant to be novelty or not? Is certainly has the electro-pop vibe to it. Latvia gets the Riga Beaver, while Estonia has two giant Pussy Cats supporting Kaia tonight. It’s bright, it’s lively and memorable. While I can’t see the Jury going for this, the Public will! Even Ott, the host can’t get his words out without laughing.

Kerli Stone – “Cold Love”

Kerli is sat on a stool in the middle of a LED lit heart on the floor. This may have already charted recently or it sounds very familiar. Kerli is joined on stage by a guitarist and drummer, who also acts as her backing singers. Throughly enjoyable and would be nice to see Kerli qualify. I think this would be considered a safe entry if it went to Tel Aviv though – disappearing into the background.

Ott and Perit have introduced the Jury. They are now speaking to individual members.

Grete Paia – “Even if I lose”

The first “dark” entry of the evening soon reveals Grete in a glitzy black jacket/dress. We have a mixture of lilac and blue lighting when the “dark” disappears. Grete even sets fire to her own hand – what an effect! Then the huge pyro flames come out to play. Nothing wrong with the performance, but I can’t see it going far.

Lacy Jay – “Hallelujah”

Lacy Jay is tonight’s token American artist. She is certainly giving it the moody feel. Playing a blue guitar, she wear’s a pink glitzy top. She is also emulating previous Eurovision Song Contest winners by performing barefoot. This couldn’t get any further away from the Israeli “Hallelujah” we have loved for the last forty years. Very modern and very now (well for the youth of today anyway).

Around The Sun – Follow Me Back

Around The Sun is formed of a singer, two guitarists and a drummer/keyboardist. This is bright and modern performance that could be performed on any stage without needing changes. The younger voters will like this and the song could be big in the clubs.

Uku Summer – “Pretty Little Liar”

A contemporary dancer lays on the floor to start things off with this entry. The floor work progresses to full dancing. Uku appears about thirty seconds in and owns the stage. A strong male voice, with a strong vocal range. Uku reminds me a bit of Daniel Bedingfield, but rockier! A pyro curtain adds some sparkle – not that it was necessarily needed!

It is time for a full recap of tonight’s entries, along with their voting numbers for the public.

Throughout the evening Ott and Piret have spoken to all the artists. They are now chatting to the final few.

One final voting recap before a thirty minute interlude. Ott is now amongst the Golden Circle talking to the audience.

We now take thirty minute break for the Estonian news and sport headlines. Join us again at 20:30 CET to get the results.

Refresh from 20:30 CET

Earlier tonight, the following twelve acts sung to get qualification through to the Eesti Laul final. It is now time to see how they got on!

  • Synne Valtri – “I’ll Do It My Way”
  • Characters – “Two Minuses”
  • Snow color ft. INGA – “Which Day”
  • Sissi – “Strong”
  • Cätlin Mägi & Jaan Pehk – “Parmum Game”
  • Kadiah – “Believe”
  • Kaia Tamm – “Wo sind die Katzen?”
  • Kerli Stone – “Cold Love”
  • Grete Paia – “Even if I lose”
  • Lacy Jay – “Hallelujah”
  • Around The Sun – Follow Me Back
  • Uku Summer – “Pretty Little Liar”

Welcome back to Eesti Laul 2019 and Semi Final 2! Ott and Piret are back to guide us through the final 45 minutes of tonight’s proceedings – the results.

We start with a voting recap – with just over 9 minutes of voting time remaining.

It’s time for the Jury voting. The top 4 was topped by
Snow color ft. INGA; followed by Sissi, Kerli and Uku.

We have another public voting recap with just over three minutes to go.

The public voting has now concluded. We have two comedians taking to the stage with their rendition of “Everybody” – the only Estonian entry to win the Eurovision Song Contest so far. The original from 2001 can be seen here:


The four automatic qualifiers making the final are:

  • Sissi – “Strong”
  • Kadiah – “Believe”
  • Kerli Stone – “Cold Love”
  • Uku Summer – “Pretty Little Liar”

The vote has reopened for the public to pick the remaining two acts. There are just under 7 minutes left of voting time.

We are now in the Green Room with some of the acts that could still qualify.

We are now looking back at Thursday and the qualifiers from semi final 1.

The two remaining finalists are:

  • Snow color ft. INGA – “Which Day”
  • Synne Valtri – “I’ll Do It My Way”

Well that is it for the second semi final of Eesti Laul, live from Tartu (for the first time). Join myself and John, along with Phil from OnEurope, for the finale weekend in Tallinn, in two weeks time with extended coverage!

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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