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#EIFavourites: What Are Eurovision Ireland’s Junior Favourites From Years Gone By?

The team from Eurovision Ireland have come together and picked their favourite Junior Eurovision Song Contest entries from years gone by.

Russia 2017 – Wings

Bogdan – A well deserved winner, a powerful voice and presence on the stage.

Malta 2015 – Not My Soul

Bogdan – Another powerful voice that could beat a lot of voices from the senior Eurovision Song Contest.

John – I was lucky enough to be in Sofia and this one stood out by a country mile. A deserved win and one that will stand the test of time.

James – What can I say that everyone else hasn’t said already? Destiny is an incredible performer and the moment she enters adult Eurovision, I’m convinced Malta will take the trophy.

Richard – Destiny was a true star and still in known throughout Europe. If you were listening to the radio, you’d think it was Aretha Franklin singing Not My Soul – because Destiny has an amazing vocal range.

The Netherlands 2016 – Kisses & Dancin’

Bogdan – My guilty pleasure. I’ve loved this song since I’ve heard it the first time. It’s such a fun dance to sing and clap along!

Slovenia 2015 – Prva ljubezen

Bogdan – Yes, we could all say it is “Let It Go” inspired, but I don’t mind it. A good ballad sang beautifully. It was definitely one of the stronger contenders that year in JESC.

James – The first time I heard this, I knew it was going to do well. It has a lovely snowy sound to it (and basically the first few chords are almost identical to Let It Go!) and that key change!! Wow!

Albania 2015 – Damaje

Bogdan – Another guilty pleasure of mine. It is easy to sing along and it just makes me happy every time I listen to it. What more could I ask from a song in this genre?

United Kingdom 2004 – The Best Is Yet To Come

John – This song is an absolute classic that was well-executed and well-performed. And Cory has star quality. Any other year, JESC would have been hers.

Richard – When the UK took part as a whole country and took it seriously, they found the perfect entry in Cory Spedding. This was the perfect launch pad for her and a future career beckoned. Second place was amazing, but deserved the win.

Sweden 2013 – Det ar dit vi ska

John – I really rated some Swedish JESC songs over the years, but this one stands out for me. It’s almost a senior ESC song and Eliias really sold this.

Russia 2013 – Dream On

John – A typical JESC staging and my only Eastern European pick. Another stand out and a singer mature beyond her years.

Spain 2004 – Antes muerta que sencilla

John – Still my all-time favourite, and proves that Spain CAN win contests when it puts it mind to it.

Malta 2017 – Dawra Tond

James – Another Maltese entry on my list, Gianluca is a veritable showman and that chorus is damn catchy! Just sing it once… and you’ll have an earworm for the rest of the day!

Richard – Gianluca is an adorable and fun figure to be around. He knew how to work the stage in Tbilisi and won many new fans along the way. This cheeky Chappy will be back on the Eurovision Song Contest stage in years to come.

Macedonia 2016 – Love Will Lead Our Way

James – I just like the beat! It’s a good up-tempo number and just what JESC should – fun!

Ireland 2017 – Suile Glasa

James – This stood out for me as something almost a bit too mature for JESC, but who doesn’t love a song in Irish Gaelic?!

Croatia 2003 – Ti si moja prva ljubav

Richard – Dino was a showman, yet showed a mature side to himself when he performed in the augural contest back in Copenhagen, 2003. This is what may have helped viewers remember him and hand him the first victory.

Ireland 2016 – Brice ar Bhrice

Richard – Ireland’s second entry stood out on the first dress rehearsal when a chorus was suddenly changed into English. This could be the reason Zena gained the Irish their best position to date. It was emotional, dramatic and dynamic all at the same time.

Author: Richard Taylor

Video Source: YouTube/EBU

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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