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Chwilio am Seren

Noswaith dda Ewrop a bore da Awstralia! This is Wales calling! Tonight we’ll find out who Wales will be sending to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Minsk!

Sit back and relax, and let Eurovision Ireland’s own James Scanlan entertain and inform you. As always, feel free to tell me what you think and give your opinions about tonight’s Final and who your favourites are!

Tonight’s show comes to us courtesy of Welsh broadcaster S4C from the beautiful seaside resort of Llandudno! It started with 12 acts, but tonight the final 6 will perform for the chance to the first ever representative of Wales at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, voted for entirely by the public!

You know the drill: Just refresh this page to get the comments and points of view!

You can watch the live show on Sky Channel 134, Virgin Media Channel 166, or if you don’t have satellite television, you can watch online HERE or HERE from 21:00 CET

Tonight’s show will consist of 2 parts. Firstly, all 6 acts will cover existing songs, which will then be judged by 5 panels across Wales and also England. The Top 3 from this jury vote will then progress to the next round, where they will all sing Wales’ Junior Eurovision entry ‘Hi Yw Y Berta’. After this, voting is open to the public, who will choose who gets that ticket to Minsk!

Singing in tonight’s final we have:-

  • Gracie Jane
  • Lauren Mia
  • Manw
  • Misha
  • Ella Georgia
  • Lily



Bore da Eurovision fans! You’re a little early, but do check back later! 😀

Good evening everyone, it’s a little over 15 minutes till show time! Who is going to fly the Welsh flag in Belarus? Let’s find out 😉

Here we go!

And we dive straight in with a dance troupe on stage, accompanied by tonight’s finalists singing in Welsh… such a beautiful language, I’ve often said a song in Welsh would do well at Eurovision!

Admittedly, this is the first I’ve heard any of these young people sing, but I’m very impressed! Wales has indeed set the bar very high!


Tonight’s host explaining how the show will work, with the juries across Wales (and bizarrely, London too). They will whittle down the acts to just 3, but then it’s up to the public to vote for the winner


And here’s singer #1, 13 year old Ella! She says she has dreams of making it to the West End stage, and if her audition of This Is Me is anything to go by, she’s certainly got the voice for it!


Ella connects well with the camera and handles the stage like a pro – and that’s before we even talk about her surprisingly powerful voice! Her Welsh-language rendition of Hallelujah is deeply moving and the simple staging with lights and a few dancers lets her voice take centre stage and the result is marvellous. One of the mentors said “what a way to start the show” – and I have to agree! Mentor Connie seems quite overcome, bless her!



She may only be 11, but those clips of Gracie’s cover of Defying Gravity are amazing!! One of the mentors said she’s very shy, and it does show in her body language. But hey, wouldn’t you be shy at 11 and performing on a stage like this?! Gracie’s ballad is simple and elegant, and proves she definitely has the talent. With a bit of polishing, she could certainly be a gem of a performer.



A subdued number up now from Lily. Starting the song by sitting down, Lily does very little on stage in terms of movement, but what she doe do incredibly well is connect with the camera and the audience at home. Vocally she gave a solid performance, but what strikes me most about this performance is her connection – that’ll really help to pull in votes in Minsk! Interestingly, she’s also the only contestant so far to do her post-song interview in Welsh


They’re having a quick break in Llandudno, so we’ll be back in a moment – see you soon!

I’ll also take this chance to shout out to Bogdan who’s helping by getting the screen grabs for the blog – thank you! 😀

Wow, that really was a quick break! We’re back and it’s time for Manw to take the stage


Sitting on her bench, Manw looks like she’s in her element on stage. So far tonight, this is the biggest ‘show’ we’ve had, as she jumps up with dancers and lots of movement. It’s well choreographed without being too polished, so it looks natural and very likeable. And Manw looks adorable in her sparkly blue top. I think this will do very well with the juries later tonight



Lauren’s audition had the mentors in tears, so I’m expecting a real WOW performance . And I was not disappointed! Looking a little like Emmelie de Forest, Lauren’s voice is melodic and full of emotion. She’s definitely the most rounded of all tonight’s performers and I don’t think I’m exaggerating to say such a performance wouldn’t be out of place on a(n adult) Eurovision stage…



The last of tonight’s singers is up next and it’s a young lady in red! Misha sings with conviction and gives off a smoky jazz vibe with her performance. One of the mentors noted that this was “a big song for a little girl” and while he’s right, I think she did a great job considering her age. Well done Misha!


So there you have it! All 6 acts have performed – but which 3 will make it to the final round? Join us after the break as we find out!

And we’re back! Time for the most exciting part of any national final – the voting!

Ella, Gracie and Manw get points from the first jury. The 2nd jury in Llandudno gives Ella, Lily and Manw its points.


Cardiff gives its points to Gracie, Misha and Lily – that went down well in the arena!


Ella, Manw and Misha get London’s points… why is London voting in a Welsh national final? Nevermind…

Ella, Manw and Lily take the points from the final jury – meaning Manw, Ella and Lily all advance to the final! Congratulations!

final jury

Manw and Ella got points from almost all the juries, while poor Lauren didn’t get one – very unfair, she didn’t deserve that

Are you reeling from the votes? Just as well we have an ad break then! Go lie down and recover 😉

We’re back! Our host explains about the voting part of tonight’s show, but the lines won’t open till all the singers have performed.

First up is Manw!


Manw’s rendition of Hi Yw Y Berta is slow, but melodic and gives a bit of a country twang to it. She performs confidently as she has all night. It’s nice, but maybe too understated?



Interesting how the same song can sound so different with a changed arrangement! Hi Yw Y Berta by Ella is much more upbeat and pop based. She’s got a very powerful voice, I’m almost wondering if Ella would have suited a ballad styling of this song more and Manw the pop version?



Another slow, ballad version of Hi Yw Y Berta, but of a more classical ilk. Lily sings it well, but it feels more like a lounge song than something that will grab an international audience and make them vote. Also, strangely enough after praising Lily for her connection with the camera in the first round, this time she’s much more introverted. This being said, she still did a great job with it, so bravo for that!


Every time I think my Welsh has improved, I realise he’s speaking English… oops…

So there you have the 3 finalists of their versions of Hi Yw Y Berta – but which one is going to Minsk? Lines are open, so make your decision Wales!

And while they do that, I guess we get another ad break 🙂

We’re back – and I think a result is imminent!

As it’s Wales first outing at Junior Eurovision, we’re looking back over the last decade and a half of winners at JESC – Belarus, Malta and Georgia popping up a lot! Does Wales have what it takes to join their ranks?

Ah, Destiny… that girl has one AMAZING voice! I still remember being in that arena and hearing lots of Bulgarian parents jaws hit the floor as she hit those notes!

Just had a recap of all 3 versions of Hi Yw Y Berta… should be announcing the winner fairly soon!

Or not… here are some more adverts! Remember to buy lots!

And we’re back in Llandudno, where we’ve been told we’re seconds away from knowing our winner…. ooooooohhh!

Yes indeed, Junior Eurovision isn’t a holiday, it’s a lot of hard work! But whose shoulders does it fall on?

And the winner is….



Manw is off to Minsk for Junior Eurovision and looks very overcome with emotion!

Diolch Cymru for a great evening, and we look forward to seeing you in Belarus!!

A big thank you to everyone reading along tonight! 😀 ❤



Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland, S4C

Image Source: S4C

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