Eurovision 2018

#UK: Dustin The Turkey For 2019?


After representing his own country ten year’s ago in Belgrade, Serbia, Dustin The Turkey has announced some news that’ll make some UK Eurovision Song Contest fans cause shivers down their backs. After not qualifying from the semi final back in 2008, Dustin now wants to take to the Eurovision stage for the United Kingdom:

“I’m all grown up now. I’m 12. I would love to go and represent the UK in the Eurovision and I’ll tell you why, it’s very simple, you get straight to the final.

When RTE came to me and said we’re going to send you off to Eurovision, cos we don’t want to win this thing, here’s ten grand in a brown envelope, I said grand – I got a two week holiday to Serbia.

My body and beautiful face just isn’t meant for Ireland. I would love to do it with the UK. Sure what have the UK got to lose.”

Dustin The Turkey finished in 15th place, with 22 points in the first semi final at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. His entry back then was “Irelande Douze Pointe”.

Video: YouTube/MusicOfTheWorld2008

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: ESC Bubble & Eurovoix

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