Eurovision 2018

#POLL RESULTS – Did EUROVISION IRELAND readers pick the right Semi Final 2 qualifiers?



Once we’d found out all of the acts competing here at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, we here at Eurovision Ireland created a poll to find who YOU, the Eurovision Ireland readers thought would qualify for the Grand Final from the 2nd semi final.

We then combined these results with our poll following the 2nd semi final rehearsals to try and give a more accurate picture of your thoughts. Think of them this way – Song and Show representing Juries and Televote!

As we now have our 10 finalists, let’s have a look and see how many Eurovision Ireland’s readership managed to get right! They have been ranked 1-10 as 1st-10th place as per the poll results, then coloured GREEN for correct guesses and RED for incorrect ones. Drum roll please…

1st – Australia

2nd – Denmark

2nd – Norway

4th – Ukraine

5th – The Netherlands

6th – Malta

7th – Poland

8th – Moldova

9th – Romania

10th – Slovenia

7 out of 10! Not a bad score at all! While Eurovision Ireland readers thought Romania, Poland and Malta would make the cut, Europe’s votes instead saw Serbia, Hungary and Sweden qualify instead

What did you think of tonight’s show? Did your favourites make it to the final?

Let us know what you think!


Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Image Source: Eurovison Ireland

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  1. After seeing it live in the arena,I really thought Malta would make it. How wrong I was ! It was really difficult to pick 10 qualifiers from each semi this year,in comparison to previous years. I suspect we may see an unexpected winner this year,as in 2011 as with so many of the countries with a usually strong diaspora going out,I have a feeling the votes could be split all over the place .

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