Eurovision 2018

Have YOU got what it takes to win the Eurovision Song Contest? Prove it with the OFFICIAL EUROVISION BOARD GAME!

ESC Board Game

As fans of the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s all very easy to sit back and say “I could do better than that! I know how to win Eurovision!!” … well guess what? Now it’s time for you to prove it!

The Eurovision Song Contest Board Game is the latest addition to the official contest merchandise sold through the shop at Currently available for pre-order, the game will go on sale on Monday 23rd of April – which is next Monday!

Playing the game is simple – you prepare your very own Eurovision entry, and try to top the scoreboard! Put your knowledge to the test and do whatever it takes to grab those 12 points!

The box includes the game board, one die, 521 cards, 6 pawns, and 25 country chips. The game is recommended for players over the age of 12, and with an average time of one game being approximately 45 minutes, there’s no need to wait a whole year for the excitement of Eurovision!

The game is available for pre-order HERE

Know a Eurovision loving board game fan? You may have just found their birthday present! Or why not treat yourself? 😉


Author: James Scanlan

Source: ESCBubble

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  1. I’m already thinking about it, as it is my birthday pretty soon. Shipping payment and tax is very high though (nearly as much as the game itself) !

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