Eurovision 2018

#AUSTRALIA – Internet FRENZY over potentially LEAKED Jessica Mauboy’s We Got Love!


Well well, the things you find on the internet!

It seems Australia’s Eurovision 2018 entry is out – but it’s unclear whether the song has been revealed via social media, or leaked…

Last night, Facebook groups lit up with rumours that several individuals had come into possession of a copy of Jessica Mauboy’s Eurovision 2018 entry ‘We Got Love’ and were offering to share it with other fans. Within moments of Eurovision Ireland reporters spotting the first post, the internet went into overload with hundreds of fans sharing, listening and making their feelings known!

The YouTube video has since been removed, which has only increased the intrigue.

We must stress that whether this track is Jessica’s Eurovision entry is as yet UNVERIFIED and could potentially be a hoax. We have contacted SBS Australia and are awaiting a reply.

Author: James Scanlan

Source: Facebook


Categories: Eurovision 2018

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