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A-Dal 2015

Hungary is back with A-Dal for it’s Grand Final after three heats and two semi finals.. Join me Richard, as we discover who’ll progress and represent Hungary in Lisbon, at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. You know the drill by now – just refresh this page every so often and follow the goings ons of the first show in this National Selection.

You can watch the show HERE.

Refresh from 20:30CET

And we are OFF!!! The final kicks off with some – POLE DANCING/ACROBATICS. Our hosts are here and without haste, the jury is introduced in great fanfare.

1 – Leander Kills – “Not szól harang”

And we start with what only I can describe as noise. There is a place for heavy metal/rock and sadly only Lordi have succeeded in this genre at the Eurovision Song Contest. I don’t see this progressing to the second round of voting (four songs only).

2 – yesyes – “I Let You Run Away”

Although we have more rock here, at least we have a tune accompanying it – something that could possibly work in Lisbon. The audience love it – so maybe a good sign of the Hungarian televoting.

3 – Süle Zsolt – “Zöld a május”

To one of my favourites from the heats – we have an easy listening, laid back entry, which would fit in well at Lisbon. The accompanying violinist and dancer adds something extra to the performance we’ve yet to see tonight. With all the performances tonight, it’ll be hard to imagine them on the Lisbon stage without those LED back projections – something that’ll have to be worked on to maintain the mood of the song.

4 – Tamás Horvath – “Meggyfa”

Originally not an automatic qualifier from his heat, Tamas made it through the second vote and then his semi final. Again like Sule, he has the accompanying dancer and also a double bassist. This has more of a cultural/ethnic hint to the performance – something the Eurovision Song Contest tends to lack these days, since the abolition of the language rule.

5 – Heincz Gábor (BIGA) – “Good vibez”

Another easy listening tune brought to us from Hungary. And Good Vibez is one I’m happy to listen again and again post-contest. One of only two English entries tonight, not only would sit well in the mix in Lisbon, but should easily make the final. It has a hint of Daniel Powter about it. It is bright and fun – the audience can be heard clapping along too.

6 – Dánielfy Gergely – “Azt mondtad”

While a favourite early on for me personally, it really doesn’t get going and I can see this getting lost amongst the crowd in Lisbon. Really a shame for what was a great performance originally – maybe it’s shown up more than previously with what it’s up against tonight.

7 – AWS – “Viszlát nyar”

Now this is more spoken than sung until the chorus kicks in – but again we have the heavy metal/rock genre which struggles. Plenty of fireballs during the chorus, but this tangible effect won’t save this scream-fest I’m afraid.

8 – Viktor Kiraly – “Budapest Girl”

A nice, easy listening, Sunday morning type number to round off the participants for tonight. This is the second of two English sung entries tonight. Budapest Girl is another entry that could easily make the final in Lisbon. Again, we have another entry that the audience can be heard clapping along to!

The jury look as if they’ve cast some votes and have placed them into envelopes rather than vote song-by-song like previous weeks.

The jury are now giving their top 4 songs points – 4, 6, 8 and 10 for their favourite – therefore one song could get a maximum of 40 points from the jury. The following entries made the jury’s top 4 in performance order:

  • yesyes – “I Let You Run Away”
  • Dánielfy Gergely – “Azt mondtad”
  • AWS – “Viszlát nyar”
  • Viktor Kiraly – “Budapest Girl”

The lines have now opened for the Hungarian nation to make up their minds and see who’d they like to represent them in Lisbon. We now go to the interval acts – one of which is Joci Papai, who represented Hungary in Kyiv with Origo – finishing 8th in the final with 200 points. Can this year’s Hungarian entry improve on that position and/or score?

Joci has now taken to the stage with Origo and a new song. It’s time to reminisce about Kyiv!!!

The televoting in ongoing still with approximately 30 mins of the show left to go. The voting has now closed and soon we will know who’ll represent Hungary in Lisbon.

And the winner is AWS!!! From all of us here at Eurovision Ireland, well done and we will see you in Lisbon.

I hope you enjoyed tonight’s coverage of A-Dal. Please feel free to comment below or in our social network feeds on your opinion of tonight’s results!

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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