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#Hungary – LIVE BLOG of Hungarian Eurovision A Dal Semi-final 2 2018 #AllAboard from 20:30 CET

This is Budapest calling! Tonight we’ll find out the next few lucky hopefuls that Hungary will be sending through to the A Dal final! Three songs will go through based on the combined jury and televote, then public will then vote again to add a fourth qualifier in  little confusing moment at the end of the night. You’ll soon pick it up

So sit back and relax, and let Eurovision Ireland’s own Roy D Hacksaw entertain and inform you and tells gives you a bit of background to all the songs when he can remember it. As always, feel free to tell us what you think and give your opinions about tonight’s Final and who your favourites are!

You know the drill: Just refresh this page to get the comments and points of view!

You can watch the live show HERE from 20:30 CET or you can try this LINK

Nine acts will perform tonight, but there can only be one winner! Singing tonight we have (in order of appearance as far as we can work out)…

1. AWS – Viszlát nyár
2. Ceasefire X – Satellites
3. Cintia Horváth & Tomi Balogh – Journey (Break Your Chains)
4. Tamás Horváth – Meggyfa
5. Viktor Király – Budapest Girl
6. Odett – Aranyhal
7. Nikoletta Szőke, Attila Kökény and Róbert Szakcsi Lakatos – Életre kel
8. Tamás Vastag – Ne hagyj reményt
9. yesyes – I Let You Run Away


Well here we go again. Show 68 in this year’s joyful A Dal adventure, and we’re into the second semi-final stage. We’ve got big hopes for AWS (but you might not agree when you see it), and we’re just waiting around for these people to stop swinging about on the ceiling before the songs start.

We appreciate that there’s a lot on tonight, and a mid stage Hungarian show may not be high on your priority list, but do pop by now and again to keep yourself abreast of the goings on.

Our judges for the night are being introduced. Baron Greenback, Katie Boyle’s nan, some lad from accounts, and his younger brother Josef.

Ooh, and remember folks, if you’re not familiar with Hungarian naming conventions, they tend to the the surname before the given name, so don’t get too confused if the name we’re typing doesn’t always tally with what you’re seeing on screen!

Song 1: Journey – Cintia Horvath and Tomi Balogh

Well they’ve already veered from the predicted order, and this one’s a proper noodle of randomness. It’s got hotel bar jazz pretentions, but it’s rambling all over the place. She’s getting thirsty on her journey, bless her. I think I need a stiffer drink than water after that.  They gained 32 points.

Song 2: Viszlat Nyar – AWS

This has been our fave from the start, and they absolutely bossed it tonight. Look through the emo-screamo noisy business and there’s one heck of a good pop song battling through the grind. You won’t see a lead singer giving it more than this chubby little fella, and add that to the massive headnodding breakdown in the middle and a key change that would shame a Swede, I reckon we’ve got an unlikely contender for the Hungarian berth to Lisbon here. Cancel the contest, just send this! As for the scoring, they got a stunning and near unbeatable 46, with three judges giving it the full ten. I think they might just be safe tonight

Song 3: Aranyhal – Odett

Started promisingly, with some atmosphere, then just wimped out into some faux sixties beat. And no amount of fringey pink frocks or funny camera cuts are going to win us over. The crowd were clapping along happily, but it all seems a bit flat after the last couple. I missed her points, as I dropped my chocolate, but she got 32 from the four judges, so could only have got a maximum of 42. But we’d be surprised if had got over 40. (She got 37)

Song 4: Budapest Girl – Viktor Kiraly

Oh bless him, the perennial tryer his having another go with a shocker of a lyric. He’s clearly trying to curry favour with the home voters with the song’s title, but it’s as cheesy as all hell, and his charm isn’t exactly winning. B-B-B-Boodypest? Very poor. His George Michael quiff and leather jacket combo isn’t going to help him win our affections either.

Ooh, that was weird. The canned applause and the real applause overlapped each other at the end of his performance! Oops! His combined vote was a surprisingly high 42.

Song 5: Eletre Kel – Szoke, Kokeny and Lakatos

Ooh it’s that strange jazzy fusion one from the other week. This is like the kind of lift music they used to have guests singing on the Two Ronnies that never gets on the clips shows. It’s all Al Jarreau chords and no charisma. I lived through the seventies. We didn’t fight in the punk wars for this! Done right it could have been delightful. It wasn’t. Right, here come the scores… A mediocre 37. One of the judges gave it nine, ferheavenssakes!

While Freddie chats to the talent in the green room, I’ll use this opportunity to apologise for not using the correct diacritics above all these lovely Hungarian letters in the names of the artists. My iPad keyboard is struggling to accomodate them to be honest, but we’ll try to hunt them out as we go along.

Song 6: Meggyfa – Tamas Horvath

We loved this one in the previous round. A handsome lad singing a sweet, simple folksy song with bundles of charisma, two interesting dancers and a spoons solo at the end!  He’s gone for exactly the same show tonight, but why change a cracker. If we don’t get AWS in Lisbon I really wouldn’t begrudge this one – and it’s probably more in keeping, to be fair. This could be your dark horse in the contest. Absolutely loved that! He scores a reasonable but slightly disappointing 38.

Song 7: Ne Hagyj Remenyt – Tamas Vastag

Tamas is sporting a swarthy new tache tonight, but it’s not giving him any extra gravity, I’m afraid. Dressed all in black, he’s delivering the song well, but his static demeanour isn’t exactly luring us to love him. Ooh, he did a magic trick where his hand suddenly caught fire – but somehow managed to make even that look boring. Decent song, sung well, but with absolutely no sparkle. You can’t second guess this jury, but he might be struggling. The judges agree with a 36.

Screams from the crowd means that it’s now been confirmed that table toppers AWS are now definitely through, somwe now have just two automatic places to play for with two acts left.

Song 8: Satellites – Ceasefire X 

Well this lad’s face doesn’t match his stage name. I was expecting some kind of noisy bashment, but it’s just a lad in specs and a checked suit sitting on the edge of a bed. To be fair, he’s giving us a pretty decent mid tempo plodder, with heartfelt delivery and a pretty strong and nicely fractured voice. There will be countries that choose songs of this ilk this year that won’t be as good as this. But we’re not sure that it’s quite got the legs to go all the way. What do the judges think? Ooh, he got 40. Not too shabby. Puts him in third with one to sing. It also means that Budapest Girl has now also qualified

Song 9: I Let You Run Away – yesyes

It begins with a young lad in black smouldering at the camera quietly, before gearing up into the anthemic. There is a worrying looking accordian sitting in the mist though. Ooh, the mist clears and he has a mate going hammer and tongs on the drums – ACCORDIAN SOLO! It all builds to an uplifting end – although I think I’ve made it sound better than it actually was. But will it beat the 40 points for an automatic qualification, or will it have to go through the play-offs? The judges take their time deliberating, but give it a surprisingly high 45! They’re through automatically!

That’s AWS through in first, with yesyes and Viktor Kiraly joining them in the final. And now for the public vote to decide who takes the fourth spot.

As an aside, the official A Dal album appears to be called ‘A Legjobb 30’.

Right then, they’re going though the reprises. Who do you want to take the last slot? We want spoons lad, but we suspect it’ll be Ceasefire X. Let’s see how it goes…

And now for the interval. Dear old Charlie Horvath growls his way through a tune, before a nice lady ambles on in the mist, coming over all Jennifer Warnes to his Joe Cocker.

Another reprise reminds us of just how bad a song Journey was.

Ooh here we go. Everyone left in the contest is on the stage and looking serious…

And the fourth place qualifier is…

Tamas Horvath! Excellent news! It makes for a very young and male half of the semi,  but it’s probably our second fave of the whole Hungarian bunch, so I couldn’t be happier.

So did your favourite come through tonight? Or did they crash and burn in fiery flames of despair. Do let us know what you thought.

Thanks for staying with us tonight, and good luck with the rest of your viewing pleasure tonight.  Right, off with you to somewhere cooler!



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