#BELARUS – Listen to the 11 Finalists in the Belarusian Eurovision Selection and VOTE in our #POLL!


I love Belarus, got it deep inside… I love Belarus, feel it in my mind… and we’re sure you’ll agree!

Earlier today, auditions were held in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, to select the finalists taking part in the selection for Belarus’ Eurovision 2018 entry. These auditions were broadcast live on YouTube and also on BTRC’s website.

The jury have deliberated, and these are the 11 songs taking part in the Belarusian final on the 16th of February. Check them out below!

Alen Hit – I Don’t Care

Alekseev – Forever

Anastasia Malashkevich – World On Fire

Adagio – Ti I Ya

Sofi Lapina – Gravity

Kirill Gud – Deja Vu

Shuma – Hmarki

Gyunesh – I Won’t Cry

Lexy – Ain’t You

Napoli – Chasing Rushes

Radiovolna – Subway Lines


Made up your mind? You know what to do!


Last year Naviband took Belarus to their first Eurovision final in 3 years – can one of these artists continue that trend?

Let us know what you think!


Authr James Scanlan

Source: YouTube, ESC Bubble

Image Source:


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