Eurovision 2017

#X: Slavko’s Graceful Exit – Or Maybe Not Yet???


Slavko, the Montenegrin entry of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest fell at the last hurdle in the audition stage, in this year’s UK X-Factor at Judges Houses. This is the stage before the LIVE shows begin.

He took the result graciously and professionally – not only does he have his Eurovision fans, but he will have won over a number of new fans through this process. Is it over though? Potentially NOT!!! You have until 13:00GMT on the 23rd October to get Slavko through to the LIVE shows as a Wildcard – just follow the instructions below!!!


Image: Lisa-Jayne Lewis

Let’s take a trip through Slavko’s audition journey. First up was the closed door audition, where he performed Beyonce’s “End of Time”.

Next up was Bootcamp, where Slavko performed Rhianna’s “Where Have You Been”.

Then we had the six-chair challenge. Slavko performed David Guetta’s “Little Bad Girl”, where is braid famously fell out – causing the judges to have a giggle or two!!!

Judge’s Houses then came for Slavko – this is when we saw him gracefully take defeat as a professional – but as you know you can overturn this rejection with the voting details above!!! Slavko performed Jennifer Lopez’s “On the Floor” in South Africa.

Come on, Slavko has brought a smile to all your faces over the past year and deserves a nice end to 2017 – please VOTE and get him to the LIVE shows in X-Factor as a Wildcard!!!

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Author: Richard Taylor

Video Sources: YouTube/The X Factor UK

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