Eurovision 2017

Tracks Of My Eurovision Years: Richard Taylor – Part 2/5


Today we continue the first week of our ongoing weekday series called “Tracks of my Eurovision Years”. Just like on the BBC Radio 2 Ken Bruce show, each day will see two of the contributors ten songs for that week. Contributors will come from both the Eurovision Ireland team, as well as Special Guests. This week, I kick things off to set the scene.

Video: escbelgium4

My third track in this series is an all time favourite winner from one of my all time favourite Eurovision participating countries – Sweden. Carola even had to face a tie-breaker after the voting, but came out triumphant with this schalager classic.

Following on from Carola, I stick with the Swedish flavour with Blond – the penultimate Swedish participants to sing in their national language as a compulsory rule – twenty years ago. I, like many wish this rule would be reintroduced like the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and Eurovision Choir Of The Year.

Video: escLIVEmusic1

Part 3 of my “Tracks of my Eurovision Years” will be right here on Eurovision Ireland tomorrow.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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