Eurovision 2017

#EUROVISION AND #CAKE – What more could you want?!

We’re working hard at the Press Centre to bring you all the latest from Eurovision 2017, but we need some down time too. So what do we do? Simple! Go next door for CAKE!!!

Novus is the shopping centre next door the the International Exhibition Centre, where the Eurovision Ireland team can often be found during lunch breaks perusing the sandwiches, crisps and other goodies on offer! And today we spotted some frankly delicious looking Eurovision inspired cakes! Just check them out!




Have we tempted you? Well then there’s good news for fans! Novus will be open 24/7 during Eurovision week! That means if you want a snack after the semi final, or to buy some souvenirs after the Grand Final, you can simply pop next door and do it – how’s that for convenient?!

Does your birthday fall during Eurovision? Would you like to celebrate with one of these cakes?

Let us know in the comments!

Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Image Source: Eurovision Ireland (James Scanlan)

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