Eurovision 2017

Meet The Team: Andrew Main


Andrew with Nina Zilli (Italy 2012)

Welcome to Meet The Team, a series of articles introducing ourselves to you, the Eurovision Irelanders out there! During this fortnight, we will also be meeting our extended family, along with other members of the press and delegation members too. Next up is one of our writers, Andrew.

What Are Your Earliest Memories Of Eurovision?

My earliest memory was probably watching Sandie Shaw in her bare feet singing and winning with Puppet on a String for the UK. I was 7 years old and remember being allowed to stay up and watch with my parents(I think my Dad was a closet fan as he had a moustache).

What Is Your Favourite Eurovision Year?

That is a very hard question because there are so many. But my time in Eurovision has three distinct parts, as a fan at home, as a fan at the contest live and as a member of the press. So I think for the sheer joy of being in the Eurovision Bubble for the first time I pick 2004 in Istanbul. It was my first as a member of Press covering for Radio Forth back home and it was the first years of the Semi Final format so lots more songs to enjoy and I love the winner Wild Dances from Ruslana.

Which Eurovision Song Contest’s Have You Attended?

My first was in Birmingham in 1998 and I became immediately hooked. Since then I have been every year apart from 1999 in Jerusalem and 2008 in Belgrade so this year is my 18th time at Eurovision.

What Is Your Favourite Eurovision Entry?

Oooh I love this question because there are so many to choose from but I always go for one of my absolute favourites from my first contest attended and from what became one of my favourite Eurovision countries. In 1998 I fell in love with the song Karleken Ar sung by the equally beautiful Jill Johnsson for Sweden, if I had been able to fall in love with her I would have done that too.

Video Source: escLIVEmusic1/Youtube

What Are Your Best And Worst Eurovision Moments?

Another hard question, best moments for me all revolve around incredible results that made me so happy and getting a D badge in Malmo with the Cyprus delegation. Best results for me were Katrina and the Waves winning which started my own personal journey into Eurovision World the following year and my favourite Swede Loreen winning in Baku. Worst moments are always centred around the abysmal showing of some of our poor UK entries especially Jemini in Riga.

Which Five Eurovision Artists, Alive Or Ressurected, Would You Invite To Your Fantasy Dinner Party?

I would invite Katrina to thank her for helping me to join Eurovision. I would invite Dino Merlin so that I could sing a duet with him and show him a video of me impersonating him in Manchester. I would invite Chiara because I love that lady. Also Agnetta from Abba cos I love her too. And finally Mans Zermelow cos he is hot as hell.

What Is Your Favourite Host City?

Another hard one as I have been to 15 cities in my adventure’s, Kiev this year joins Stockholm and Copenhagen as two visits each. But I think I would choose Moscow as it was my first leap into the unknown with the language and alphabet as well as the sheer size of it all. Also I met a good friend there for life.

What Is Your Guilty Eurovision Pleasure?

Oh wow where to start? So many to choose from Bandido in the 90s with their false start and all the Balkan ballads ever which I adore but Verka in Helsinki was a real hoot. Camp as Christmas.

Finally, What Does Life Look For You Outside Of The Eurovision Bubble?

I work as a Mechanical Fitter near Edinburgh making Spectrometers for Univeristies and medical research. I live in Edinburgh and sing in a gay choir as well as play bowls in the summer months. I love to travel extensively throughout the year. I am single and am taking offers from interested parties.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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