Eurovision 2017

Meet The Press: Lisa-Jayne Lewis (ESC Buzz)


Lisa-Jayne with Nathan Trent (Austria 2017)

Welcome to Meet The Press, a series of articles introducing our Press Centre colleagues to you, the Eurovision Irelanders out there! During this fortnight, we will also be meeting our extended family, along with other members of our team and delegation members too. Next up in Meet The Press is Lisa-Jayne.

What Are Your Earliest Memories Of Eurovision?

My earliest memory is Samantha Womack (or Janus as she was then) singing ‘Message to your Heart’ in Rome and Carola winning for Sweden in a tie-break with France. By the time 1992 came around, I was a confirmed ESC devotee!

What Is Your Favourite Eurovision Year?

2014 of course! I am part Austrian part Dutch so that’s the year my gene pool took the 1 – 2 spots!

Which Eurovision Song Contest’s Have You Attended?

In person, only 2016 & 2017.

What Is Your Favourite Eurovision Entry?

This is like choosing between your children! I’d have to say Conchita because although it’s not my absolute favourite song ever, though it’s pretty close, the whole package that Austria bought in 2014 was spectacular.

Video Source: Eurovision Song Contest/Youtube

What Are Your Best And Worst Eurovision Moments?

Best moment was of course stepping into the arena in Stockholm for the first time ever during Kaliopi’s second rehearsal. Oh and watching Christer Bjorkman perform ‘I morgan ar en annan dag’ at the London Eurovision Party in 2015. Also having an actual commentary booth in the hall for Junior Eurovision 2016, that was pretty special!

Worst moments, er, I don’t think I have any. Flying back to the UK the day after the final is always horrible.

Which Five Eurovision Artists, Alive Or Ressurected, Would You Invite To Your Fantasy Dinner Party?

Christer Bjorkman, Conchita, Nicky Byrne, Michael Ball, Nicki French!

What Is Your Favourite Host City?

Well I’ve only been to two and they are so different, Stockholm was so easy to be in and Kyiv is so beautiful, I can’t choose!

What Is Your Guilty Eurovision Pleasure?

I don’t feel guilty about it, I love Destiny’s ‘Not My Soul’ from Junior Eurovision 2015.

Finally, What Does Life Look For You Outside Of The Eurovision Bubble?

Finally, what does life look like for you outside of the Eurovision bubble? I am creative director alongside Ellie Chalkley for Harmonic Creative and also run an etsy store selling my jewelry designs. I live in Cheltenham, UK.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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