Eurovision 2017

Meet The Press: Sharleen Wright (ESC Insight)


Welcome to Meet The Press, a series of articles introducing our Press Centre colleagues to you, the Eurovision Irelanders out there! During this fortnight, we will also be meeting our extended family, along with other members of our team and delegation members too. First up in Meet The Press is Sharleen.

What Are Your Earliest Memories Of Eurovision?

Of actual Eurovision, its most certainly all about Riverdance. I was flicking channels in the early 90s, and landed on SBS coverage of the contest one Sunday night. It completely drew me into the world and its remained firmly on my viewing radar ever since.
But in terms of acknowledging the combination of music world and Eurovision-relation, it’s actually dating all the way back to the very early 80s. I met Bucks Fizz at my local shopping centre – I was absolutely in love with “Making Your Mind Up” and I still have the signed album.

What Is Your Favourite Eurovision Year?

When I want a lift in my mood, I always pop on my recording of 2006. Its a cracking year tune-wise.

Which Eurovision Song Contest’s Have You Attended?

I started attending in 2009 – Moscow. I had waited for a country I had yet to visit (or wanted to visit) using Eurovision as an excuse. My patience wore thin by 2008 and knew no matter what I would be there. Have since attended 2009 – 2013 inclusive, a number of Junior Eurovisions (2011/2013/2015-2016), and now back at the proper Eurovision in 2017.

What Is Your Favourite Eurovision Entry?

It’s still 2000 – Latvia – Brainstorm – My Star

Video Source: 2000ESC2003/Youtube

What Are Your Best And Worst Eurovision Moments?

Best: My first attendance at Eurovision live and being at the very front for the final to see Alexander Rybak romp it home in 2009.
Worst: Probably my absolute devastation when Lithuania didn’t qualify in 2010 with ‘Eastern European Funk’. I loved InCulto.

Which Five Eurovision Artists, Alive Or Ressurected, Would You Invite To Your Fantasy Dinner Party?

I have to say Brainstorm – thats 5 people! The lads are just so lovely, and they like Tim Tams, so I wouldn’t necessarily have to cook anything.

What Is Your Favourite Host City?

It’s going to probably sound strange, but I loved Oslo 2010. Maybe not the show or arena, but the memories I have from it remain the most enjoyable – the Georgian Party, seeing InCulto play a full gig of their music, and then just those odd little intimate moments with the artists – like running into the Israeli delegation at crazy o’clock in the morning buying pizza… It was just a really friendly and relaxed year that was an utter joy. The fact that Germany and Lena won with a modern tune also was a highlight to top it off and ensure its place as my favourite host.

If we go for actual city, its a tie between Helsinki and Riga – just because I love those places and I keep going back to them over and over. But that’s beyond Eurovision.

What Is Your Guilty Eurovision Pleasure?

In no way do I feel guilt, but ‘Be My Valentine (Anti Crisis Girl)’ by Svetlana Loboda. Her and her oiled up warriors.

Finally, What Does Life Look For You Outside Of The Eurovision Bubble?

What is outside of the bubble? I don’t think life exists beyond it!
I am the President of the Australian Eurovision Fanclub, so that takes up a lot of my time year round.
For money-making, you’ll find me working as a home-based travel agent. Even then, you can bet I find Eurovision connections to my job all the time.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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