Eurovision 2017

Meet The Team: Richard Taylor


Myself with Robin Bengtsson at London Eurovision Party 2017

Welcome to Meet The Team, a series of articles introducing ourselves to you, the Eurovision Irelanders out there! During this fortnight, we will also be meeting our extended family, along with other members of the press and delegation members too. First up is me, Richard.o=

I have been working for Eurovision Ireland since the beginning of 2016. I covered the final of Eesti Laul in Tallinn, Eurovision in Stockholm and Junior Eurovision in Valletta. So far this year, before arriving here in Kyiv, I’ve covered the finals of Eesti Laul and Melodifestivalen.

What Are Your Earliest Memories Of Eurovision?

My earliest memories of Eurovision is back in the early nineties. Before I was introduced to the Eurovision Song Contest as an international contest, I have vivid memories of the UK national finals on a Sunday afternoon, hosted by Sir Terry Wogan.

What Is Your Favourite Eurovision Year?

My favourite Eurovision year is 2008 – not necessarily because of the entries that year, but it was the first year I attended and really appreciated the full scale of the contest.

Which Eurovision Song Contest’s Have You Attended?

2008, 2010 to present

What Is Your Favourite Eurovision Entry?

My favourite entry is so easy! It’s the Swedish winner from 1991 – Carola with “Fanged av en stormvind/Captured By A Lovestorm”. It encompasses all things I love about Eurovision and Swedish schlager – fun, fun, fun.

Video Source: Marcus Rosander/Youtube

What Are Your Best And Worst Eurovision Moments?

My favourite Eurovision moments come every year – the voting! Yes, people must think I’m mad and sometimes it can get very predictable, but the scoring also dictates where I get to spend a fortnight the following May.

My worst Eurovision moment has to be sitting through “Lost and Forgotten”, the Russian entry from 2010 sung by Peter Nalitch & Friends. It was enough to send anyone to drink and alcohol was unavailable in the arena that year.

Which Five Eurovision Artists, Alive Or Ressurected, Would You Invite To Your Fantasy Dinner Party?

Carola is my first choice as she performed my favourite Eurovision entry and comes from my favourite participating country.

My second choice would be Lys Assia. A strange choice for many, but as the first ever winner and still alive, it’d be interesting to see her views on the evolution of the contest.

My third choice has to be Michael Ball. Not necessarily just because of the Eurovision Song Contest, but because of his vast and varied career.

My fourth choice is Johnny Logan because he is simply a legend. Surprising when I was interviewed on the radio in Sweden at Melodifestivalen, they didn’t know he was Australian.

My final choice is someone who could do it all – sing and dance, yes it’s Mans Zelmerlow. Yet he’s expanding his career to commentating in Kyiv too this year!

What Is Your Favourite Host City?

My favourite Host City would have to have been Oslo. I fell in love with that city so much in the Summer of 2010 and have since returned in the winters of 2011 & 2012. The city is beautiful in all seasons and I’d recommend going there at any time.

What Is Your Guilty Eurovision Pleasure?

For me my guilty pleasure has simply got to be Melodifestivalen every year. It is just simply fun and SVT doesn’t take themselves too seriously when producing the show in terms of the added comedy and clever script writing.

Finally, What Does Life Look For You Outside Of The Eurovision Bubble?

I do enjoy a good Pub Quiz every other Wednesday night with family and friends. I also work for one of the leading food retailers in the UK where “Every Little Helps” – where we have a good time behind the Customer Service Desk.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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