***BREAKING NEWS*** – Russian Jury Allegedly Periscope Themselves Judging Tonight’s Semi Final at Eurovision

Voting Russia

The Russian Jury allegedly at Eurovision tonight took to live broadcasting on Periscope as they voted in Semi Final 1!

Yes tonight the jury voting dress rehearsal of Semi Final 1 took place (SEE OUR BLOG HERE) and it was the time that the Juries in Semi Final 1 voted on their favourite songs.


Allegedly the Russian Jury took to periscope showing themselves judging the Dutch entry from Douwe Bob and the Armenian Entry from Iveta Mukuchyan .


You can watch the video by CLICKING HERE

The periscope video has now made it to YouTube

Periscope only keeps the videos stored for less than 24 hours or if the owner of the account deletes the video so WATCH THE VIDEO QUICKLY!


What do you make of the video? Should this sensitive information be allowed to be live broadcast?

Voting 2

Let us know!

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Source : Стоцкая Анастасия Periscope


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  1. I think it should be made public. Just to show that judges are also normal people who have humour when ‘judging’. Gives a nice personal touch. 🙂

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