Eurovision 2016



This is preposterous!! – On the first run through the song is so choreography intense that your man Sergey climbs up the screen on bits that protrude out from it that he actually fell off it (it’ll all become apparent soon enough), after a break for a Health and Safety check, he comes back on and sings the song again, but it’s very “kitchen sink” and they have literally thrown everything at it…. some of it sticks, some of it doesn’t.

He also appears to pinch everything from songs as disparate as IVAN and Greta and bits of Mans….  it’s a feast for the viewer and, by the end of it he’s at the top of the wall singing down at a woman that appears from nowhere and for no reason.   It looks like five ideas in one.. It should still do very well but it’s not a nailed on winner.  It’s clearly trying to be but…… missing it.

Sergey has not been injured in his fall from his stage although he did recover from this fall to produce the stage show described above.  In my opinion it does need some work to get this back near the top but, and it’s a big but. can he do it?


What do YOU think??


For more details on today’s rehearsals then check out our Live Blog HERE

Eurovision Ireland Team.

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  1. Best rehearsals for me today
    Armenia, The Netherlands, Greece
    Good Russia,Hungary, Moldova
    Not good Croatia, San Marino and Finland

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