Eurovision 2016

#ComeTogether with us at London Eurovision

London Eurovision Party. Photograph courtesy of Facebook

London Eurovision Party. Photograph courtesy of Facebook

This forthcoming Sunday, the annual London Eurovision Party will be taking place at Café De Paris just off Leicester Square. This year, both myself and Lisa will be flying the Eurovision Ireland flag – bringing you games and interviews with the participating acts across a host of different medias, see below.

The Event

As always, the event will be hosted by Nicki French (UK 2000 Participant) and Paddy O’Connell (BBC Semi Final Commentator 2004-2010).

This year, a total of 17 acts from this year’s contest will be performing at the event. These are Joe & Jake (UK), Francesca Michielin (Italy), Kaliopi (Macedonia), Poli Genova (Bulgaria), Zoe (Austria), Ira Losco (Malta), Justs (Latvia), Greta Salome (Iceland), Nina Kraljic (Croatia), Barei (Spain), Amir (France), Frans (Sweden), Minus One (Cyprus), Highway (Montenegro), Ovidiu Anton (Romania), Michal Szpak (Poland) and Eneda Tarifa (Albania).

Agnete (Norway) was due to perform, but has had to withdraw due to illness. This is the second consecutive year that Sweden have attended the event.

London Eurovision have also got four Special Guests lined up. They are Aminata (Latvia 2005), Selma (Iceland 1999 & 2005), Eleftheria Eleftheriou (Greece 2012) and the winner of Junior Eurovision 2015, Destiny (Malta).

Our Coverage

Along with our planned interviews and games, we are looking for your input. Do you have a burning question for any of the artists mentioned above? Then please leave your questions in the comment box below!

Our coverage will span not just the traditional written interviews, but we will also have coverage across Twitter/Periscope (@EurovisionIrela), Snapchat (EurovisionIrela) and Instagram. We hope to have as many of the interviews live on Periscope as possible during Sunday afternoon – just keep an eye on Twitter for the links.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: London Eurovision

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  1. Hello! Could you please ask Nicky the following questions:

    1. When is his album release date?
    2. Will he be releasing a 2nd single?
    3. Does he have any promo plans for his debut album?

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