Eurovision 2016

NETHERLANDS : Douwe Bob opens up about being Bi-Sexual

Douwe Bob Suit

‘Slow Down’ people – form an orderly queue!

Yes the handsome and majorly talented Dutch singer Douwe Bob has reveled on OUTTV that he is actually bi-sexual.

In an interview with the European lifestyle channel OUTTV, the Dutch Eurovision candidate Douwe Bob openly spoke about his love of men and women “I have sex with men.  I’m nice, I’m bi”.

He speaks about being open and honest like his tattoos that adorn his body. Johnny Cash and Anouk are his role models.

It seems strange that in the 21st Century that we have to congratulate Douwe for being himself and being open about it but we do! We are not all the same and we should celebrate that and celebrate who we are.

So we say bravo to Douwe for opening up about himself and his life and hopefully it will inspire others to lead the life they are supposed to and not the one they think people want them to live!

As you know we are already HUGE Douwe Bob fans – READ HERE – but we have one thing to say to him now. Can you please mark your dance card for one song with us in Stockholm? Please! Your points will go from DouZe to Treize Points from us!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : OUTTV and NewsMonkey


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