Bosnia Herzegovina

POLL UPDATE : March 1st poll is closed – So who got your Eurovision votes?

Poll Update march 7th

With many new entries selected and presented – our poll from March 1st is now closed but who got your votes?

Well in a very close vote we eventually got a Top 5 result.

March 1st Top 5

There was less than 1% difference between Ireland and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

And into third place we have the United Kingdom’s Joe and Jake

So who was at the other end of the table?

March 1st Bottom 5


We will open a new poll after all the songs have been presented this week and we have our class of Eurovision 2016.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. This is clearly biased towards the British isles as that’s where most of your voters would be from.wouldn’t think either ire or UK will be anywhere near the top on final night

      • Ah yes but how many of those are expat Irish or UK residents? This poll doesn’t tally with what I’m reading in Eurovision Facebook groups or with the betting odds.

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