Eurovision 2016

MACEDONIA : Kaliopi invites you to join her at 20:15CET for her Eurovision Song ‘Donna’

Kaliopi 6

Kaliopi invites you Skopje tonight and maybe for 2017?

Macedonia’s MRT tv invites you to #ComeTogether for the premier of her song ‘Donna’ for Eurovision 2016.

You can watch the show on the MRT live stream – CLICK HERE at 20:15CET

If you are new to the world of Eurovision and the #Fabulous Kaliopi, then get to know her HERE 

What can we expect from Kaliopi?

Macedonia has dispensed with the national final malarkey and decided to put their trust in a safe pair of hands. Namely Kaliopi. A finalist in the past, and someone who knows her audience. What could go wrong?

MK 2016 001

Her co-hosts do a piece to camera in English. They know that we’re all eagerly anticipating things.

We then see clips of Kaliopi’s last foray into Eurovision, including Mr Terry Vision.

More talk, including a man with interesting grey hair and blue glasses. Luckily for us he’s not Phil Spector but her ex-husband Romeo Grill. It takes us back to Crni I belo in 2012. A darn good year.

Next is a clip from JESC 2015 of Destiny. Remember her from Malta? Google it and you’ll love it. Destiny wishes Kaliopi well and reminds Macedonia to vote for Ira Losco!

It’s music time now. A young bespectacled singer Marjana who seems to be a safe pair of hands herself is giving us a song. Imagine typical Adriatic ballad with lots of orchestration and an acoustic  guitar solo and you’re about there. Kaliopi even helps her out towards the end.

MK 2016 002

More reminiscence from 2012. Kaliopi attended the Eurovision in Concert even in the Netherlands and appeared to enjoy herself. And she wowed them at the London Eurovision Party too. As I mentioned above, she definitely knows her audience. She reminds us – in an interview with another website – that she loved ‘Waterloo’. And remembers it even though she was very young. Very very young if I’m any judge.

Back to the studio and we get an impromptu couple of lines from ‘Save you kisses for me’.

Our next ‘turn’ is David Temenkov. Before he launches into his own song we see the briefest of clips of him performing ‘Crni I belo’. He’s obviously a very versatile performer. He also duets with Kaliopi. Is he a star for the future?

MK 2016 003

The story of 2012 continues and we see Kaliopi rehearsing on stage in Baku. Four years ago and it only seems like yesterday. Interviews with certain individuals, including Sam Ross from ESC Insight. We see her chatting with Tooji and giving him her CD. We see her in Baku’s old town singing whilst sat on a carpet. She must have liked it there. Still no sign of her 2016 song though.

Ivona Jovanovic is the next guest performer. He gives us another guitar-heavy ballad and shows us what a fine voice she has too. With plenty of applause she’s a popular bunny in these parts.

MK 2016 004

Back-oo to Baku (see what I did there) and we see Kaliopi heading on a coach to the venue. High spirits and a happy vibe are the order of the day. With ‘Invincible’ playing in the background.

Back-oo to Baku (see what I did there) and we see Kaliopi heading on a coach to the venue. High spirits and a happy vibe are the order of the day. The spirits were even higher when Macedonia was the sixth country drawn out of its semi-final. We see her at the press conference thanking someone called Lys Assia. And she gets her ex-husband (Romeo) thanked too! He still makes her happy.

The guests keep coming. Next is Ivana Naumova. A slim young thing who prefers a slightly more midtempo-stand-up-and-clap-your-hands sort of song. It’s very pleasant and, sure enough, people are standing up and clapping along. And dancing. Still no sign of the song for Stockholm.

MK 2016 005

‘Crno I belo’ appears to have stood the test of time here in Macedonian. The TV company has put together a very clever compilation of a variety of singers singing this classic. Some of them in key. Some of them in a key.

We take a younger sing now in the form of Trajtse. His song is more earnest and has a little bit of a Bruno Mars sound about it.

MK 2016 006

The sofa of presenters, Kaliopi and guests is getting a little crowded now.

MK 2016 007

More greetings from France, Australia, Cyprus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Hungary, Germany, Iceland, Belarus, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, San Marino, among others. And then a greeting from this particular individual…

MK 2016 008

Questions from other websites follow and the crowd appear to like Kaliopi’s answers. Still no sign of the song for Stockholm.

And here it is…

Starting slowly with that unique and slightly smoky voice of Kaliopi’s. It then builds to a massive massive chorus that immediately draws you in. Verse two is a little more dramatic than verse one. It’s very good. We wish Macedonia well with this song.

But what do you think of it? Tell us.


Author: John Stanton

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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