Eurovision 2016

SWEDEN : “I refused to release the new album” – Eric Saade

Eric in Pink

‘True Colors Shining Through’

The 2011 Eurovision singer speaks today at how he pulled the plug on his fully recorded 5th studio album as

“I was not happy with what I was doing, I refused to release the album.”

His new album was fully recorded and at the last-minute the ‘Popular’ singer decided it was time for a change. So today we read of Eric Saade and State Of Sound – The partnership with the brothers Viktor and Gustaf Norén.

The collaboration with Saade and State of sound will be called ‘Colors’

Saade said

“I was not happy with what I was doing, I refused to release the album. Everything has just ground on for several years and it has gone well, but I felt I lost the urge. I was on tour last summer and had no fun. It did not satisfy me”

Gustaf Norén from State of Sound said

“The song that Eric Saade himself describes as a transition. – The first single will be seen as a transition, you do not fuck out too much. It starts from the pop with a hint of indie. We have mixed in a little 80’s and gone back a bit. Quite a dirty text, nothing sounds ideal, it is also the idea. I want to do something that satisfies me, I have not sat and thought “this is going to sell.” Now we do it we want to listen to before we go to bed at night. What is Colors on?”

It also seems that Eric wants to discard the viewed image of himself as he has gone from floral pop jackets to ripped jeans at the recent Swedish music awards

Erics transformation


We await the release of ‘Colors’ and the new sounding Eric.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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