ARMENIA : First Thoughts on Iveta Mukuchyan’s Eurovision Song ‘LoveWave’

Iveta Video

All good things come to those who wait – But is it worth waiting for?

Iveta Mukuchyan was internally selected to represent Armenia at Eurovision 2016 some time ago. Today her song ‘LoveWave’ was released. So we thought we would give our first thoughts on the video and the song.

Three words come to mind – Brave, Bold and Ballsy!

The song is unconventional in its structure and you have to give Iveta and Armenia kudos for that. They have tried different styles and genres with the recent Eurovision selections and ‘LoveWave’ continues that tradition.

The speaking interlude to the song is interesting and sets the tone. At a staggering 50 seconds you don’t really get to the heart and soul of the song until a third of the way through.

That is a brave step to take as that will either pose opportunities or challenges to the staging of the song in Stockholm. However I am sure this has all been thought out with Armenian tv.

The song is a hip-hop, R-n-B contemporary ballad. What I do love is how the song does build in sound and pace and I certainly love the use of the traditional Armenian instruments which gives the song the Euro-Asia vibe to it.

Iveta 4

Iveta hits some serious high notes in the climax of the song and that is bold as she will have almost 2 weeks of rehearsals in Stockholm and that can take a lot out of a singer – so no partying!

Here is the brutal honesty – this is a ballsy move by Iveta as this song will be like Marmite – You will either Love it or Not. There is no in between on ‘LoveWave’. Personally I take my hat off to Iveta for such a strong move on her part. There is no playing it safe her. She is going 200% for it.

Iveta 5

If I was a jury member then you have to score this song well on composition, musicality and if she can sing those high notes live – well then strong on performance. But will the more mature jury member “get the song”!

It will seriously come to how the public will score the song. On the plus side there is nothing else like it in the contest so far. Yet on the flip side this is a song that could have a niche instant appeal. I must confess that after 3 listens to ‘LoveWave’ I get the beats and bass line and how it reflects the lyrics. However at Eurovision the vast majority of viewers and voters will only tune in on the night of the contest.

Iveta 3

So my advice to Iveta is to make the staging dramatic and memorable so that it enhances the song.

This is Bold, This is Brave and This is Ballsy – This could go either way but personally it works for me. Will it have a universal appeal to the masses? This will be high on my iTunes playlist.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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