IRELAND : ‘Christmas Eurobash Party’ To Kickstart Your Festive Season

Christmas Eurobash

Get your best Christmas sweater out and be prepared to dance in the holiday season with the Irish Eurobash!

The team at Eurobash have been at it again and Saturday December 12th sees their Christmas Eurobash take place in Dublin and as they say ‘Party For Everybody’. What makes this event tastier than a stuffed Turkey? I’ll tell you – It is FREE!



The venue is ‘The Church’ which is a stunning converted (yes) Church! It’s located on Mary Street in Dublin 1. That is a central location if ever you needed one!


Click HERE for their official website and directions.

Never say I don’t help you but here is a street map too! I’ll personally escort you in if you’re easy on the eye and promise me a dance!

 The Church



Saturday December 12th. The music begins at 21:30 GMT – so be on time to hear your favourite songs! The night as I said is FREE – how do the guys do it?


You can find out all the details on their Official Eurobash Events Page on Facebook 


The Swedish Power Hour

To celebrate Sweden’s win in Vienna this year, the DJ will be turning the clocks back for a power hour of Swedish Eurovision and Melodifestivalen hits. I personally am dusting my giant Alcazar Disco Ball as we speak and will be ‘coming out’ of it for sure and NOT for the first time!


So get your dancing shoes on and come and see what Santa has in his Christmas sack for you at Eurobash. We know that people are travelling from abroad to the event and we welcome some newbies from Norway who will be joining us – God jul.

Support your local event. All are very welcome and remember “Eurovision is for life and not just for Christmas – but for one night only it’s all about the bass – sorry Eurobash”

#JoinUs for a Great Christmas Eurobash night!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurobash

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