Eurovision 2015

SWEDEN : Gina, Charlotte, Petra AND Sarah rule the roost for Sweden.

CSOxkBuUsAA6RXoSVT have made their announcement for the Melodifestivalen Hosts for 2016.  As expected Gina Diwawi, who the good people at Aftonbladet  said would got the call, indeed got named first as the main hostess.

However in two surprise announcements Petra Mede and Charlotte Perrelli have been announced as co hosts for the contests.

The holy trinity, therefore, is complete, or so we thought…

As a final surprise SVT announced Sarah Dawn Finer as a late extra and then, to gender balance it all out Henrik Schyffert was announced for one heat.

I might combust!!!

Source : SVT and Aftonbladet 


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