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IRELAND : Eurovision 2016 Selection Process – Update

RTE -Photo : RTE

RTE -Photo : RTE

Eurovision Ireland has been inundated with questions on how Ireland will select their entry for Eurovision 2016. Interest remains strong in the Irish Selection following 2015’s open call for singers and song writers.

So what of 2016? Will it be a return to the mentor system? Will it be an internal selection? Will it be an open call like 2015?

We spoke today to the Head of the Irish Eurovision Delegation – Executive Producer Mr Michael Kealy. He advised Eurovision Ireland that RTE too are receiving a lot of inquires on the Irish Eurovision selection for 2016. He confirmed that

“RTE are still considering all options for the selection of the Irish entry for Eurovision 2016.”

When a decision is made RTE will confirm to Eurovision Ireland what direction the national broadcaster is going to take for Sweden. We suggest a North Easterly path for the quickest route 😉


So for all the singers and song writers out there the message is ‘Hold Tight. You’ve missed no details yet.’

Ireland was represented by Molly Sterling at Eurovision in Vienna with her ballad ‘Playing With Numbers’ and came 12th in her Semi Final.

How do you think Ireland should select their entry for Eurovision 2016? Should it be an open call for singers and song writers? Should they revert to the Mentor system? Should they select a well established singer/group?

Let us know.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. So it’s January 4th now and the National Broadcaster is still unable to announce the approach to song selection for the 2016 contest. I must say this behaviour all smacks of either a covert contest or just incompetence. Either way, it seems to me this lack of transparency is an insult to Irish Musicians & Songwriters.

  2. The only way we stand a chance of doing well again is by doing the following:

    (A) Revamping our national final system completely. TG4 recently had one to choose the country’s representative for the JESC and the selection process was held over a month comprising four semi finals with 8 competitors in each, a duel in each (between the Top 2 competitors) and a final. There were also 2 wildcards selected to go forward to the final so there were 6 finalists. As well as having an Irish jury, it might be good to have some input from international juries like the Swedes do at ‘Melodifestivalen’.

    (B) Move it to a much larger venue (e.g. The Bord Gáis Theatre, The Helix etc.) as the acoustics in RTÉ are notoriously bad and the artists often sound out of tune.

    (C) Do not have a mentoring system or the panel of so-called ‘experts’ discussing the songs/artists afterwards as they have done on the ‘Eurosong’ selection on the ‘Late Late Show’ since they appear to have a huge influence on the way the people vote which doesn’t necessarily mean the best song will actually be chosen. A huge example was this year’s selection show which proved they hadn’t a clue about what kind of song actually does well nowadays (the only one that would have ensured qualification for the final was Erika Selin’s ‘Break Me Up’).

    (D) Making sure our sound is ‘current’ – this is a big one as the kind of songs that have been entered into our national finals since we last won have mostly been ones that would have done well back in the 90s but since this is the 21st century we need to bring ourselves more up-to-date with what actually does well in the Contest nowadays. We need to get into the mindset of thinking “Would this really appeal to Europe?” rather than choosing a song that would only appeal to Irish voters.

  3. Should be an open contest and not the same small group. Their is huge talent and it is a way of discovering this talent. It also pushes people to write better songs which is the ultimate goal.

  4. A big, multi-week Eurosong in the RDS or somewhere equally fitting with about 25 songs that get whittled down to 10 or 12 for a grand final. And get the Irish OGAE involved in the voting. And other OGAE groups around Europe too. Make it a standalone, flagship event. Oh, and scrap The Voice to fund it (that show has been limping along for too long now – time to put it out of its misery). We deserve a big show like this, and it’s about time we got one.

  5. I really hope you will choose for an open call for singers and song writers. In that case I can send you my song Blowing a kiss. Sung by a good friend of mine, Tessa Beije, who has an strikingly pretty voice and ditto perfomance. She is in the twenties now. Although I’m living in The Netherlands, my friend now lives and works for a year in Dublin.
    On my website you can hear the song: songs / eigen songs / Blowing a kiss.
    Yours faithfully, Rieks Veenker.

  6. I’m a bit blue in the face saying this, but as the most successful country in the contest’s history, we deserve a proper, standalone, epic national final format. I know budget is a big thing, but I really believe RTE needs to scrap The Voice (which has been on a hiding to nothing for a while now if we’re being honest) and plough that money into a big, spangly, multi-week Eurosong in the RDS or somewhere. Sweden has gotten this so right in recent years: make the national final an event in its own right, attract the best musical talent the country has to offer, and good Eurovision results are sure to follow. How amenable RTE would be to actually trying this is anyone’s guess.

  7. I still think a big, spangly, no-holds-barred national final over 5 or 6 weeks in somewhere like the RDS would do us the world of good. Sweden has gotten this so right in recent years: make the national final an unmissable event in its own right, one that attracts high viewer interest and the cream of musical talent, and decent Eurovision placings are sure to follow.
    I know budget is a big thing, but if RTE scrapped The Voice of Ireland (which, if we’re honest, has been on a hiding to nothing for a few years now), and pumped that money into a big, multi-week Eurosong format, it would capture the imaginations of both the public and the Irish music industry alike. I think there’s less chance of that happening than of me winning Miss World, but a girl can dream… (or stare longingly at Melodifestivalen and feel a pang of envy that we’ll never have it that good on these shores).

  8. Any spare cash RTE has will be spent on coverage of next years general election. They won’t have money to produce a proper Eurosong final. Looks like it’ll be the Late Late Show again…yawn

  9. In regards to Ireland’s selection process for the Euro-vision I think they should open it up to the public to send in submissions and then have a team of 5 or 10 people each pick 10 songs they think would be good candidates for representing Ireland and from there pick the ones that were most favored by the selectors. Finally have a show on RTE with 10 finalists and let the public vote and decide the winner.

  10. Competition should be open to all singer/song writers. My sister Marion Nolan has written an amazing song. She has worked so hard to get this produced. It really is worth a listen. She is a gifted song writer with an easy ability to structure a melody and make it stand out. C’mon Ireland 👏👏

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