Eurovision 2015

PORTUGAL : Suzy takes on Polina Gagarina and Soraya

Suzy Polina Soraya

She may have missed out on a place in the Grand Final of Eurovision in 2014 but that is not stopping Suzy from taking on the big guns of Eurovision. She’s just laid down the gauntlet with Russia’s Polina Gagarina and Spain’s Soraya.

The OGAE Spain concert took place last week and among the gusts were Suzy from Portugal (Eurovision 2014) and Zlata from Ukraine (Eurovision 2013).

Suzy took on Russia’s anthemic song from this year’s contest and gave her version of ‘A Million Voices’. Not content to stay on stage, she finished her performance in the middle of the audience.


Then nothing like a challenge to take on one of the host country’s own Eurovision performances but that is what Suzy did. Rewind to 2009 and Soraya, and just like Soraya – Suzy disappeared on stage when she took a stumble in her high heels. Hey not a problem. She threw them off and continued singing. Guess where she ended up? You got it – In the audience again!

So who sang it best? Suzy or Polina? Suzy or Soraya?

What do you think?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : OGAE Spain

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