Australia to Become a Permanent Member of the Eurovision Song Contest?

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I don’t know about you but I just love going ‘Down Under’ but it takes such a long time and so much effort! With all those connecting flights and then battling a camera crew from ‘Nothing to Declare’, I just don’t feel so ‘Lucky Lucky Lucky’ like Kylie promised me. That could be all set to change if the rumours that we hear are true.

We all remember that Australia (SBS) were invited for a one-off trip to participate at Eurovision 2015 – and let’s face it Guy Sebastian was SO WORTH IT #LoveHim! Well like any good Aussie Backpacker, they don’t just come for one day – they come to hang about!

The country confirmed yesterday that they would be at Junior Eurovision this year in Bulgaria and now we are hearing that they are potentially being invited to become a permanent member of the Eurovision Song Contest!

No details if they will be a ‘Big Six’ member or if they will be in the Semi Finals. There could be an official announcement of Australia’s future Eurovision participation between now and December. We have been led to believe that SBS have a communication for release.

So it maybe the case that Australia at Eurovision in 2015 was not a one-off 60th celebration. It could be a case of ‘Tonight Again’? Would you be happy to see Australia at Eurovision each year?

We await official confirmation.


The EBU today confirmed what we told you back on October 8th – Gosh we’re good! Australia will have to slug it out with the rest of us in the Semi Finals – Fair Dinkum!

Remember the #FAB Bella Paige is taking to the Junior Eurovision stage today for her first rehearsal. Go get’um Bella


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall


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  1. I love the way everyone got behind Guy Sebastian and like the rest of us Aussies fell in love with him…..I don’t agree with Adam Hill though….What we don’t need is the stereo typical Aussie image of beer swilling, prawn eating yobbo. We have grown up a bit since then. Very exciting times ahead….

  2. Can I just say how much I love your interviews? You always seem to bring out the best in the artists, they are such a pleasure to watch.
    Oh, and for Australia becoming a permanent member – yes, please!

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