Eurovision 2015

IRELAND : We Review Molly Sterling’s First Rehearsal at Eurovision 2015 in Vienna

Molly Sterling. Photo : Molly Sterling Facebook

Molly Sterling. Photo : Molly Sterling Facebook

IRELAND : We Review Molly Sterling’s First Rehearsal at Eurovision 2015 in Vienna

No bodhrans! No Dancers!! GAME ON!!!

Ireland’s young 17year old singer Molly Sterling has taken to the stage for her very first run through of her song ‘Playing With Numbers’

Molly is joined on stage on stage by 2 backing singers, a drummer, a double bassist and a female cellist. A simple forest setting on the stage. Molly is on her distinctive piano and is subtly lit.

Does it work – I hear you ask? YES IT DOES!

The run-throughs of the song were concentrated on the vocals for the first 2 and they were spot on – as we would expect.

The remaining rehearsal time was used then on camera shots and angles which is how you should be. The camera shots are complex yet it looks effortless on camera. The back drop is used to great impact for the crescendos in the song.

What Ireland needs to now look at for the second day of the rehearsals is just building on Molly’s looking straight to the camera to build up the connection with the tv audience and jury members. You could see that this is the plan as the last 2 rehearsals there was a lot more interaction.

There is one key moment in the song where the camera pans around 360 degrees so you get the dark lit arena. My suggestion is that they ask the audience to have their flash lights on the mobile phones turned on. This would look sensational on camera and with the gentle lilting on the song this would work wonderfully well.

As far as first rehearsals go this was one of the better ones.

Game On!!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Come on, Molly!!!!
    LOVE our entry this year: a simple, mature, evocative composition that’s as about as far away as you can get from the hokey “oirishness” that plagued our last two entries. Let’s keep the fingers and toes crossed that this does as well as it deserves to!

  2. Very impressed, Garret. The stage looks stunning and I’m delighted she has gone with the upright wooden piano, makes her performance seem more intimate and sincere. Overwhelmingly positive reviews for her all around too, there’s no reason she can’t get a good result.

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