Eurovision 2015

THE INFAMOUS SCOTTISH PREVIEW PARTY – The gossip behind the results!!!


THE INFAMOUS SCOTTISH PREVIEW PARTY – The gossip behind the results!!!

David and Simon were, as usual, the esteemed hosts of The Infamous Scottish Preview Party for Eurovision 2015. In Scotland, we have a format like none of the other large parties in Amsterdam, Manchester and London. We are not graced by Eurovision performers but by infamous Eurovision fans that get together to swig copious amounts of prosecco, eat copious amounts of cake and give copious amounts of points to the countries at the end of the running order because we have all had 10 too many!!! If you like the sound of this then read on …………………………………………………..


Gracielands was once more the venue for the Scottish Preview Party and, as you can see, was decked out in the highest quality decor so that elite guests could find their way easily but not to alert unsuspecting neighbours as to the type of shenanigans that may be going on within the walls?!?!?!?!?!?!?




The crowds began to gather, the minipop t-shirts were dispersed among Ben Morris’s loyal fans and the scene was set. The format in Edinburgh is

10 songs – Stop for Curry

10 songs – Stop for Cake

10 songs – Stop for more Cake

10 songs – Vote

Well in a break from tradition the first 10 songs became 11 songs because Simon had miss-timed the rice when cooking but oh my goodness it was all worth waiting for. Chicken curry, veggie curry, rice, naan bread and an opportunity for me to swap my small pink flamingo glass (not camp at all) for a half pint tumbler – makes for far fewer trips to the kitchen for more fizz.

After the second 10 songs, well actually 9 because of the earlier technical hitch, it was time for cake. Baked by Vikki every year, there is always a sense of anticipation in the cutting as it is never “just a cake” as you can see here.


The atmosphere in the room was building at the same rate that people were topping up their glasses – strange that really.

We had another 10 songs and yet more cake, although I may have missed cake and headed to cocktails at that point – my memory becomes a little hazy due to the fact I had been up early 😉 It was hard to believe that after all that food that Danny, Ben, Colin and Donald were all still able to sit on the same sofa but this feat they managed. I had long realised my place on the floor at the feet of Queen Julie as she ordered me about tending to her every whim lol.


The songs carried on playing and finally we ended with The United Kingdom in a frenzy of singing, dancing and flapping – and that was just Simon in the kitchen. It was time to “Make Our Minds Up” and collate the scores on the doors. We were provided votes from many who were sadly unable to attend and these were processed first into the computer. With the UK in first place after 2 votes, Gracielands was in raptures. The excitement built as slowly but surely the main contenders Sweden, Australia and Italy began to pull away from the pack. There was excitement at the bottom end as more and more countries broke their duck and moved off of the dreaded “Null Points”

The voting order of the results was picked randomly by the computer to generate the most excitement and with 26 out of 27 votes displayed it was down to yours truly to read out the final set of votes. With Italy on 168, Australia on 158 and Sweden on 133 it was close between the top 2. There was a sense of anticipation in the room as many who knew me knew that Italy were unlikely to be in my top 10!!!! Could Australia sneak up and steal it at the last gasp????

As I read out my votes there was nearly a crisis – as I proudly and loudly shouted my 3pts for Georgia (who were currently sitting on 0 points) the screen flickered and then the whole screen went blank!!! I know ‘Warrior’ is not everyone’s cup of tea but I felt that was an overreaction from the scoreboard if it was protesting at my vote. Panic not however as David managed to restore everything to its former glory and the scene was still set.

So how many points did I give to Australia you may ask????????????????????? well………………………………………….. it ……. was ……… 5!!!

Resulting in a victory for Italy!!!!! This was largely popular in the room and all agreed that it had been a great night and it is always fun when the voting is close at the end.

A fabulous occasion, generously hosted by David and Simon every year – it may not have the famous personalities and the live performers but it has fun, family and friendship at its core and David and Simon will happily welcome 20, 50 or 100 people if they choose to turn up. It will always be my favourite party of the season and I hope I was able to bring some of the magic to you.

party5party12 party10 party11

Here were the top 25 countries in the results of the Scottish Preview Party


Let me know what you think!

Author/Editor: Elaine Dove

Source: Eurovision Ireland


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  1. This is so funny, I love that you wrote about this and I love that this “event” happens, I also love that the UK did very well in the vote (should I point out that you can’t actually vote for yourselves? no, I’ll let that vote stand – we need all the help we can get!) My number one is still Sweden, reckon I’ll be picking up the phone and voting for them!

  2. Sounds great and well done! Somewhat off topic – though I can actually see a link – has anyone seen or heard of The Parody Guys this year ?

  3. The Scottish Preview Party attendees did an excellent job with their voting. I am happy to know that Italy/Il Volo were the first place winners! They are loved in the United States

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