Eurovision 2015

RUSSIA : Watch a clip of Polina Gagarina’s ‘A Million Voices’ for Eurovision

Polina Gagarina Video

Polina Gagarina Video

RUSSIA : Listen to a clip of Polina Gagarina’s ‘A Million Voices’ for Eurovision


Today an official clip of the Russian entry for Eurovision 2015 was released. The song is called ‘A Million Voices’ and will be performed by Polina Gagarina.

What is the song about?

Polina had this to say

“It’s a song about peace, people, children, elderly people, pregnant people. It’s a song about love, a feeling which makes a life worth living, breathing and continue working. Love is the only meaning in life, which is expressed by a million voices. 25 people are taking part in this project, including children, their parents, some of those parents are pregnant which makes it even more amazing because it’s incredibly touching to see a husband & wife with one more little human being inside. It’s so wonderful that I can be myself here since it’s a rock-ballad of vital importance with a strong message, which really aligns with who I am. I think everything will work out well since we have a great team and I am really happy that this particular song which is genuine, kind and symbolic represents Russia this year.”

The writers of the song come from Russia, Sweden and Australia! Gabriel Alares, Joakim Bjornberg, Katrina Noorbergen, Leonid Gutkin and Vladimir Matetskig. You may remember some of those names as 3 of them were responsible for Dina Garipova’s ‘What If’ in 2013 at Eurovision.

Will this be another Top 10 placing for Russia at Eurovision? Will we see a repeat of what happened in Copenhagen with the audience reaction? What do you think of the song from the clip?

Let us know.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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