Eurovision 2015

RUSSIA : So it looks like Russia are assembling their Eurovision 2015 team

Sergey Lazerev. Photo : Facebook

Sergey Lazerev. Photo : Facebook

RUSSIA : So it looks like Russia are assembling their Eurovision 2015 team

Look who have popped up in Moscow simultaneously! None other than Philipp Kirkorov, Alex Panayi and Dimitirs Kontopoulos!

According to our good friends at ESC Kaz

Kirkorov commented

“Preparing for BIG Adventure ))))))) Again!”


Alex Panayi said

“Let’s just say that Eurovision season has started with a BANG!! And the travels BEGIN”

And who is the name being speculated heavily now? Well fans have wanted him for years to go to Eurovision and who knows if this year may be the time – Sergey Lazerev. We will hold off confirming that just yet but it looks sure that the writing team are – like last year – cutting it close to the deadline for the Russian Eurovision entry.

However you cannot deny the team they have assembled is a good one with years of Eurovision experience amongst them!

What do you think we can expect from Russia at Eurovision 2015? Another Top 10 Placing? Will they maintain their 100% qualification record to the Grand Final?

Let us Know


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : ESC Kaz


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  1. It is necessary to recall the fiasco of the new version of the song Litesound band in 2012, after the arrangement, which did Dimitris Kontopoulos. Dmitry Karyakin then said: “This is not our song.”
    Now Alex Panayi works with Uzari & Maimuna. What place in the Eurovision Song Contest can be predicted?

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