Eurovision 2015

Eurovision Ireland speaks to all the contestants in Slovenia for Eurovision 2015

Tim Kores. Photo RTSLOV

Tim Kores. Photo RTSLO

Eurovision Ireland speaks to all the contestants in Slovenia for Eurovision 2015

The Slovenian Eurovision National Final aka EMA draws closer. We have provided you with the listening details of the songs in advance of the Grand Final

For most-excited EMA 2015 fans, RTVSLO will upload 30 seconds of each songs to EMA Facebook profile on Sunday, Feb 22nd, at 20:00 CET.

At the same time, broadcaster is preparing one-off Sunday TV Show, called “Vse o EMI” (Everything about EMA), which will be broadcasted at 17.15 CET Local Time. Your host will be one of the EMA 2015 hosts, Nejc Šmit.

Now we speak to all the contestants and ask them one question – “What expectations do they have?”


Alya With Neno Belan. Photo RTSLOV

Alya With Neno Belan. Photo RTSLO

Alya & Neno Belan: I think that we’re totally relaxed about performance on Saturday’s night, we don’t have any expectations, like “Let’s fight on the battlefield”. We’re getting EMA like hanging, you know, music connecting people, of course our wish is that our song will be well received after performing it, that they will like our song just like we do, but last but not least, viewers and listeners will be that jury, who will choose the best one. The purpose of music is entertaining people and make them relaxed, to waking up emotions in the people’s bodies. And that’s why we are here. We’re all going to have fun here on EMA 2015, we have one beautiful song, which we’re going to perform for the audience. Therefore, we’re not bothering with the result – whatever will be, will be. In every case I’m very sure that we’ll hangout and have fun so much – at least we have a beautiful song.
Clemens. Photo RTSLOV

Clemens. Photo RTSLO

Clemens: I expect that we’re going to have so much fun, the same with the group, who will be with me on the stage. We’re all excited and we can’t wait to perform on EMA 2015, we’re rehearsing all the time, and we have so much fun during all that.
ICE Group . Photo RTSLOV

ICE Group . Photo RTSLO

I.C.E: We’re expecting one good performance at the EMA, new experience, new connections with musicians and with the other people, who are involved in EMA, and we’re sure that EMA can be our starting point for the upcoming CD.
Jana, Photo RTSLOV

Jana, Photo RTSLO

Jana Šušteršič: I’m aware that expectation are high, mine are as well – I’m making my own debut on EMA, so I know that 28th Feb is the date, when we can all expect eight amazing songs, eight fantastic accomplished performances, I can’t wait to meet all the contestants, because I believe that we will prepare one amazing relaxation for Slovenian audience!
Maraaya. Photo RTSLOV

Maraaya. Photo RTSLO

Maraaya: (Marjetka) Expectation’s for EMA 2015 are: Given that Ula Ložar’s grandmother prepares the best tarragon cake, we’re going to order two tarragon cake’s for .. (Raay) Hot. (Marjetka) We’re expecting them in hot form. (Raay) We’re expecting very good taste of it. (Marjetka) And sure we’re going to share it, because they let us know, that we’re going be all together in the Green Room, so .. We’re going to give a bit of “tarragonny” to them. (Raay) But first, when I’m going to be sated with it, not before. (Marjetka) Sure. So, Ms Ložar, four cakes please!
Martina Majerle. Photo RTSLOV

Martina Majerle. Photo RTSLO

Martina Majerle: I hope that I’ll perform my song the best way that I can. The song is difficult and challenging & all my mind is focused on the best possible performance I can do. I hope that viewers and listeners will like it!
Rudi. Photo RTSLOV

Rudi. Photo RTSLO

Rudi Bučar: My biggest wish is good result and good performance. Other things are also welcome, right after that.
Tim Kores. Photo RTSLOV

Tim Kores. Photo RTSLO

Tim Kores – Kori: My expectations are to sing it well, to perform in the best way I can, with hope that viewers and listeners will like it!

For more information on the artists check out our ‘Get To Know the Contestants’ HERE
We also have interviews with Martina Majerle and Maraaya
Who are you looking forward to hearing their song most?
Author : Jan Vehar
Source : Eurovision Ireland, RTSLO and Eurovision Slovenia



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