Eurovision 2015

ISRAEL : Nadav Guedj Will Go to Eurovision 2015

Nadav Guedj

Nadav Guedj


Tonight Israel selected their act for Eurovision 2015.

The TV Hot show ‘Next Star’ was used to select Israel’s representative in Vienna.


Israel Finalists for Eurovision 2015 Selection

Israel Finalists for Eurovision 2015 Selection

4 finalists remained in the contest tonight

Avia Shoshani

Iky Levy & The Rasta Hebrew Men

Nadav Guedj

Sarai Nachmias


In our on-line poll the public had voted overwhelmingly for Avia Shoshani to win. However in a shock result she was first eliminated and placed 4th in the contest.

Poll Results

Poll Results


Then after the next round Sari Nachmias was eliminated and came third in the contest

Sarai Nachmias

Sarai Nachmias


The final battle and Iky Levy & The Rasta Hebrew Men came second meaning that Nadav Guedj wins and will go to Vienna.

The song that will represent Israel will be selected at a later date. However we now now another act that will compete in Vienna.

Did Israel select the right act for Eurovision?


Israel made the PERFECT choice. This guy can sing with some serious soul. PLEASE give him an up-tempo song like ‘Crazy In Love’ that he is performing right now. Eurovision needs a male pop singer with an uptempo song for Vienna!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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