Eurovision 2015

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Iceland Eurovision 2015 Selection Finalists

Iceland Eurovision 2015 Selection Finalists

Who will represent Iceland in Vienna? #JoinUs for our LIVE ROLLING BLOG at 20:45 CET to find out. 

The show starts at 20:45 (CET) and you can watch the show on the Official RUV website HERE. You just need to refresh the article after each song to get my views on the songs and how they could possibly compete on the Eurovision stage in Vienna. If you agree – OR DON’T – then make sure to comment on the blog below or tweet us @eurovisionireland

Tonight you are with me Andrew Main. I have been given the challenge to compare the songs to an article of clothing after my review to sum up how I think they are! Now who gets ‘THONG’ after all it is a thong contest isn’t it? There are 7 songs in the final and all have been asked to sing the version they would sing in Vienna if selected tonight. Therefore 5 of the 7 are now singing in English. The show is about to begin as we go through endless commercials beforehand.



We get an introduction from the hosts then a performance from Pollaplonk with last years Icelandic entry in Copenhagen. The audience love it. Then we are introduced to each competing artist. A lengthy documentary on Pollaplonks journey last year.

Cadem – Fyrir alla

Andrew’s Comments

Cadem have switched to English and sing Fly. This a great start to the show Cadem are Daniel on lead vocals along with two bouncy female singers. Its poptastic schlager at its best. The English version is good too and doesn’t take away from the original. I would liken them to a boob tube, holds it all together and looks damn sexy with it. This would do well in Vienna I think.



Sunday – Fjaðrir

Andrew’s Comments

Sunday have also switched to English and now sing Feathers. This is a fabulous electronic Bjorkesque type of song which stands out from the rest. A really good performance which went down very well with the crowd. I would love to see this in Vienna as it would be something totally different. I liken this song to a silky flowing frock which is elegant yet mysterious.
Björn & Félagar – Piltur & stúlka

Andrew’s Comments

This is staying in Icelandic for this performance. This is sung by two guys and two girls. Its a tad old fashioned but albeit its a pleasant little ditty too. It sounds good in its mother tongue. I would liken it to a flat cloth cap, old fashioned but dependable. I would be surprised to see this make the Superfinal but enjoyed it nonetheless.
María Ólafsdóttir – Lítil skref

Andrew’s Comments

Another song in English and the new title is Unbroken. The clothing I would liken it to is shoes as she isn’t wearing any. She is very confident and surefooted on stage she doesn’t need them. The song itself reminds me of Only teardrops a little in its staging. It is good and confidently performed and a strong contender as well. Maria looks good and sound fantastic. This could do very well at Eurovision.
Elín Sif Halldórsdóttir – Í kvöld

Andrew’s Comments

Another song moved to English and Elin reminds me a certain guitar playing Swede who did not make the Final at Eurovision. Would this make it? It is very simple and sweet. This is where it gets its charm I suppose. Dance Slow is the song and it reminds me of a floral hat covered in daisies, simple but sweet like the performance. It may do well tonight.



Friðrik Dór – Í síðasta skipti

Andrew’s Comments

Word on the ground is this could be one of the favourites in Iceland. It has also been transformed into English and has the title Once Again. It is a gentle male ballad that has some charm to it too. Its not my personal cup of tea. But I cannot fault the singing or the sentiment in the performance. It reminds me of a smart suit which is slick and sharp. I would be surprised if it won but I think he is a bit of heartthrob in Iceland so who knows.
Haukur Heiðar Hauksson – Milljón augnablik

Andrew’s Comments 

The last song of the final and another song in Icelandic. Another pleasant song Haukur is backed by an acoustic group and it reminds me of a marching song. It builds as it progresses but the vocals are at time a little weak and lost. This reminds me of big leather marching boots as it fits the theme of the song nicely. I do not thing this will trouble the Superfinal.



Andrew’s Predictions for the 2 Super Finalists and Winner

This is the hard part as I feel all songs have reasons to make the Superfinal. On personal taste I will discount Haukur and Frederick. I will also discount Cadem as it is a pop song and Iceland rarely send that. I will also discount Bjorn and Friends as its not quite for Eurovision. This leaves Elin, Maria and Sunday.

I would love to see Sunday go to Eurovision as its more to my taste but I will vote safely and call Elin and Maria to the SuperFinal with Maria winning the golden ticket to Vienna. Now lets wait and see how totally wrong I got it.




Actual 2 Super Finalists and Winner


Not a surprise to me as my sources in Iceland are secure. The fan favourite Fredrick Dor will go up against my favourite Maria Olafsdottir. So its Unbroken versus Once Again for Vienna.

After they both perform again we await the televote results now.

Maria Olafdottir has won with Unbroken!!!! She will go to Vienna. How do you solve a problem like Maria??

Go to Salzburg of course. Well done Maria.




Author : Andrew Main

Source : Eurovision Ireland





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