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Interview : “Feel the moment of your life” with Misha Sulukhia – Georgia Eurovision 2015 Selection

Misha Sulukhia. Photo : Misha Sulukhia Facebook

Misha Sulukhia. Photo : Misha Sulukhia Facebook

Eurovision Ireland met up with Misha Sulukhia who is one of the finalists in the Georgian National Selection for Eurovision 2015 with his song ‘One & Only’. He gave us some insights into the man, his music and his philosophy in life.


Misha you started to study music at an early age. Can you tell us about how you became interested in music so young?

I have a huge passion for music.  I am not merely a singer, I am musician. I am very close to music and can’t imagine a day without it. For me music is so important that it doesn’t have borders or Barriers. Also my mother is an actress in musical theatre so I was always surrounded with music as a child when I was growing up.

Now we know that you can play several instruments – Saxophone, flute, piano, guitar, violin, flute. Which instrument do you like the most and why?

I started to play the violin at a very early age and then I took up the flute. However I am concentrating on my vocals and that is where I put a lot of time and effort into my training. I love both classical and pop genres of singing and that is what I hope to bring to my music. In my free time I listen to classical and Jazz music. It helps me to relax and take all my stresses away.

Tell us why you want to enter the Eurovision song contest?

I decided to participate in the Eurovision selection contest because many people have encouraged me telling me how much they liked my songs and how I sing. I have written many songs and I really want to share them with the people of Europe and Eurovision. and they always instigate me to realize them.

How would you feel singing live to thousands of people in a stadium and to almost 200 million people on TV?

I think Eurovision is one of the biggest and most exciting musical platforms in the world. Where can a musician introduce himself/herself to millions of people? It is so exciting as a musician, singer and songwriter to be able to share your work with so many lovers of music at one moment in time.


Misha Sulukhia. Photo : Misha Sulukhia Facebook

Misha Sulukhia. Photo : Misha Sulukhia Facebook


Can you tell us about your song ‘One and Only’ – what is the song about?

I have composed and arranged my song for the Georgian National Final called “one & only”. I wrote the song at home and it was a wonderful experience. My very good friend Teeo wrote the lyrics. Teeo is a wonder and talented artist herself too. We just worked so well together.

“One & Only” tells the story of a man. Even though he has many challenges in his life he remains positive and is ready to face them head on. By being positive in life you get to live in the moment and see all the wonderful things around you – like I say in the song you get to “see rainbow in the sky when it’s raining.”

“Feel the moment of your life” is what the song is about and is how I live my life. .


What would it mean for you to represent your country at Eurovision?

I would be overjoyed to represent my country on Eurovision this year. It is huge responsibility and honour to represent Georgia on an International stage and to promote my country. In Georgia the Eurovision Song Contest is so popular and the singers get a lot of national attention and support. I truly believe I could make my country proud at Eurovision.

Tell us what your favourite Georgian entry has been at Eurovision? 

From Georgia, my favourite singer was Sofo Nijaradze from the contest in Norway in 2010. She has an amazing voice and presented the song wonderfully on the stage that night.


What songs from Eurovision do you like? 

I am a huge fan of the Eurovision song contest and make sure to watch the shows each year. It is always wonderful to hear music from different countries. In 2014 Netherlands was my favourite. The Common Linnets had a wonderful song and they performed it so well in the Grand Final. I also really liked Loreen’s Euphoria. She was spectacular on stage and the song still sounds amazing today.

We know that you like to take part in music competitions. You have been in “Gadgets skla 2”, Celebrity Academy (finalist), Mega Project “Bravo” The contest “We are looking for talent”,  The contest “in my town”, The contest “Golden Rose” and The contest “Crystal Stork” and ‘Star Academy’. Can you tell us which was your favourite competition and why?


“Star Academy” was one of the most important and prestigious TV shows in Georgia. I entered the contest and it was an amazing experience. We all lived with cameras around us for 3 months. I was truly blessed and fortunate to make it to the Grand Final of the show. The experience that the show gave me was invaluable and I also learnt a lot about myself and my musical tastes.


Misha Sulukhia. Photo : Misha Sulukhia Facebook

Misha Sulukhia. Photo : Misha Sulukhia Facebook

You sing ‘One and Only’ in English. Do you find it challenging to perform in English?

I actually sing my song ‘one & only’ in English due to the composition of the song itself. It really would not have fit in another language from a structural point of view. I think that the song sounds very emotional and beautiful when it is sung in English and that is why we chose to perform the song in that language.


So what are your plans for the future Misha?

On January 14th I am hoping to do well in the Georgian National final – fingers crossed. If I don’t win I will not be offended or disheartened. It just means that I will try even harder next year to reach my goal of representing my country at Eurovision.

If I do win the Georgian vote then I will immediately start to prepare and rehearse for Eurovision so I can do my best for everyone that has and is supporting me.

I want to be involved in Art and Music for all of my life. It is my passion and what I want to do forever. That will make me happy!

I don’t need lots of fame in my life to be happy. I just like to perform for people. That is my aim. On New Year’s Eve I sang at a concert in Georgia in front of 20,000 people. The feeling that gave me was amazing! I performed my song ‘One & Only’ for them and that was such a wonderful feeling – I want to do it again 🙂

Misha and his song ‘One & Only’ is currently leading our on-line poll as what song you would like to see represent Georgia at Eurovision 2015. You can still vote HERE

We would like to thank Misha for taking the time out of his busy rehearsal schedule to speak to us here at Eurovision Ireland. Make sure to tune in to the Georgian National Final on Wednesday January 14th – details on how to look we will give you closer to the date.

გისურვებთ წარმატებას Misha!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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