Cyprus – First Set of qualifying acts through to the next round in Eurovision 2015 selection

Cypriot Eurovision 2015 National Final Details. Photo : showtime-cy

Cypriot Eurovision 2015 National Final Details. Photo : showtime-cy

Cyprus kicked started their national selection for Eurovision 2015 tonight. Here are the list of tonight’s contestants with the decision of the judges.




Eva Diva – Come and Fight for Freedom QUALIFIED
Nicolas Levendis – Chlomi Selini eliminated
Emily Haralambous – Right In QUALIFIED
Nicolas Mavromichalis – Ena Kafe Mazi eliminated
Hristodoula Tsaggara – Kori tis Mesogeiou eliminated
Ifigeneia Loukaedou feat. Lyrical Eye – Remember my Eye eliminated
Haralambos “Luna” Iosif – I Wanna Dance (I Say Tempo) QUALIFIED
Elena Kousi – Just Another Girl eliminated
Maria Evangelou – Still QUALIFIED


Each of the contestants sand a brief clip of their favourite Eurovision songs from over the years and they ranged from Johnny Logan to Loreen. Then the singers performed 1 minute of their entry to the 4 judges. Those judges being


Eurovision Selection Judges. Photo : CyBC

Eurovision Selection Judges. Photo : CyBC

  • Alexandros Panayi (Cyprus’ Eurovision participant 1995 & 2000, songwriter for Cyprus’ JESC 2014 entry, vocal coach for 8 Eurovision participants)
  • Tasos Tryfonos (Producer)
  • Elena Patroklou (Singer)
  • Despina Olympiou (Eurovision 2013 Cypriot participant)


For the course of the Cypriot selection process you can use their Official Twitter Hashtag which is #EurovisionCY

First a huge Bravo to Cypriot TV for putting together a show. Considering where their economy was 12 months ago, the fact that they have committed to an extensive national selection is highly commendable. Secondly the show and the judges were quick and to the point. The show was about the singers and not the judges – as it should be!

The videos will be come available on ‘The Demand Link’ later tonight and will remain there for 15 days – so you can catch up on the show.

Expect the songs that progress to the final to be fully produced/staged for the contest. Why would you fully produce 60 songs? Not even Melodifestivalen would do that!

Great start Cyprus and great to have you back at Eurovision.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : CyBC

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