Eurovision 2014

I’m Having ‘Breakfast on ya bed’ with Danny Saucedo – So Take a Listen

Danny Saucedo. Photograph courtesy of

Danny Saucedo. Photograph courtesy of

If I am honest I think he was robbed of representing Sweden at Eurovision in 2011 and shock horror in 2012 too. Danny Saucedo has gone from singing in a boy band, to flying solo to hosting Melodifestivalen in Sweden. He has been rather quiet of late but with good reason.

The blonde haired blue-eyed singer has been busy recording new material. Fingers crossed that he makes a return to Melodifestivalen next year with one of his new tracks. He has a new song about to be released and here is a demo version of the song ‘Breakfast on ya bed’. This is a hip-hop song with a slice of soul to it.

This is like Timbaland has gotten hold of Saucedo and given him the Justin Timberlake treatment. With distorted vocals and steamy lyrics like “I’ll make you come loud when I’m inside your room” this is a coming of age amongst other things song.

There is being subtle and then there is literally letting it all hang out and let’s be fair – we would not complain at that prospect. There has always been a friendly rivalry between Danny Saucedo and fellow Melodifestivalen singer Eric Saade. Eric has certainly moved his image and sound from the child market to the early teens. With ‘Breakfast on ya bed’ Saucedo has gone from the young pop to the top shelf adult magazine stand with one.

I like hip-hop with good harmonies and this delivers on both counts. This is certainly going to shake up that clean image of his and turn the boy into a man.

I like this a lot for so many reasons!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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