‘Save The Date’ – Emmelie de Forest goes on-line to chat to her fans on September 1st

Chat With Emmelie de Forest. Photo : Emmelie de Forest Facebook

Chat With Emmelie de Forest. Photo : Emmelie de Forest Facebook

Ever wanted to have a live chat with your favourite Eurovision singer – well if that singer is Emmelie de Forest then you are not ‘Drunk Tonight’! Yes you have heard me right!

Save the date in your calendar as Emmelie has announced that she will hold a chat on September 1st between 5-6pm (CEST). You will have to log on to Soundrop in Spotify to chat with Emmelie and she is “looking forward to answering your questions if you have any!” 

Personally I want to know what her parents thought when they saw their baby Emmelie naked in a swimming pool with a big man wrapped around her? A lot of explaining to do young Emmelie! And secondly I want to know why she hasn’t completed her #ALSIceBucketChallenge since she has been nominated by her fellow Eurovision performer and friend – Ireland’s Ryan Dolan?

By the way you can access the chat room on from computers (not smart phones) too. So get your questions prepared quick and make them good ones!

And throw in a few saucy questions too! Does she have the models number from the ‘Drunk Tonight’ video or is she sick of the sound of a Tin Whistle?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland




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