Eurovision 2014

NORWAY : Carl Espen is no longer ‘Holding On’ to his ‘Silent Storm’

Norway - Carl Espen - Holding On. Photo : Carl Espen Facebook

Norway – Carl Espen – Holding On. Photo : Carl Espen Facebook

Norway’s Carl Espen brought us one of the most intimate and sombre songs at Eurovision 2014 with ‘Silent Storm’ but he is no longer prepared to be ‘Holding On’ to this Nordic angst for much longer as he releases his new and uplifting song.

‘Holding on’ is the new song from Espen and even though it deals with personal emotions it does inject a serious amount of pace into his music that puts a smile on our faces.

The song is about looking back on an old relationship but just doing that. He urges you to not ’embrace the past’ and to look to the future.

Filled with a powerful drum beat thumping its way throughout the song, you can’t help but get your feet tapping and fists pumping the air. A great contrast between Carl’s falsetto voice and the heavy drum beats coupled with some soulful gospel organ music footnotes to the song makes this an interesting offering.

A surprising yet thoroughly enjoyable Eurovision follow-up song. I think that we could even get a smile from Carl with this song.

The ‘Silent Strom’ has passed and we are ‘Holding On’ to the newly rejuvenated Mr Espen.

Marks out of 12 – Carl gets 10 points but it could be upgraded to a 12 if he smiles in the video for the song.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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