Eurovision 2013

Eurovision Winner Announces Her Full Band Details

Syngstreet - Photo : Syngstreet Facebook

Syngstreet – Photo : Syngstreet Facebook

She’s done it! Former Eurovision winner has filled the remaining 2 places in her band that she hopes will go on to chart domination. Yes 1992 Eurovision Winner Linda Martin has finalised the line-up of her new band – with fellow Eurosong Mentor Stuart O’Connor – and they are called ‘Syngstreet’.

The lucky 5 members are Stephen MurrayShannon NolanDylan ReidSharon McCluskey and Alan McGrath. You will remember Alan as one of the hunky dancers with Ryan Dolan at Eurovision 2013. Well Alan has put his bodhran down and taken up a mic in the new band. 

Syngstreet - Photo : Syngstreet

Syngstreet – Photo : Syngstreet

Rehearsals are on well on the way as the band are fully complete. Remember that fellow Eurosong panelist and X-Factor judge Louis Walsh has just unleashed his 6 piece boyband ‘One Direction Part Deux’ – oops Freudian slip – ‘Homeland’. They were recently on The Late Late Show performing a cover of Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’.


Now if an Irish pop band war breaks out then my money is on Syngstreet as I would want Linda Martin fighting in my corner anyday. Stay tuned for more news on Linda and Stuart’s band as they start to get out and about.

For all news on Syngstreet you can follow them on Facebook HERE, on Twitter HERE and on Instagram HERE . I am getting my hopes up now for a good strong pop band so don’t let me down Linda and Stuart!

Is Eurovision 2015 beckoning?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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