Eurovision 2014

POLAND : Edyta Górniak Returns With The Dance Track ‘Your High’

Edyta Górniak - Your High. Photo : YouTube

Edyta Górniak – Your High. Photo : YouTube

POLAND – Edyta Górniak was the first Polish entrant at Eurovision back in 1994 where she came second in the contest. This is still Poland’s best result at Eurovision. Following much speculation if she would return to the contest this year, the singer has released a new song – the first in some time.

I am sure Edyta will not mind me saying this but we are almost the same age but she is looking so much better than me! In the video for her new song ‘Your High’ she is well able to “Shake what her Mama Gave Her”. This is a sultry dance track that one could imagine Mariah Carey, Kylie or Kelly Rowland singing.

It is a dance track with R-n-B overtones. Górniak’s vocals are crystal clear like they were in 1994 on ‘To Nie Ja!’. She is a very successful tv personality in Poland and was a judge and mentor on many successful shows. She announced at the end of 2013 that she was walking away from this to return to her passion of recording.

The lyricist on ‘Your High’ is Chesney Snow who is a renowned American beatboxer and songwriter. He collaborated with Polish band Łąki Łan in 2012 and that is how the connection with him and Edyta came about.

The closing credits of the video for ‘Your High’ reads “Every Ending Brings New Beginnings” which one would infer is Górniak’s reference to her walking away from TV to rekindle her music career. Either way we are happy that she has done just that as ‘Your High’ is an amazing track and goes straight to the top of my i-pod!

See for yourself. What do you think of ‘Your High’? Might she return to Eurovision in 2015?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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